Waking upMature


I'm in Lou's bed when I finally wake up. Despite my body being stiff like crazy, I don't remain there long as I feel the need to hurl. I run to the closest bathroom but I don't reach it before it all comes out of my throat.

A cold, dark, tar-like goo falls onto the ground, whirling around and making a sizzling noise as it slowly disolves into nothingness. As it is now free of the substance, my whole body goes numb and shakes with duress.

How long had I spent with specter Ichor in me? Ichor's the stuff specters are composed off, it's liquid nightmares, angst and anger. I had been exposed to specters and their foul version of ectoplasm before so my body probably purged itself to save me.

I would have ended like Mary otherwise... Falling prey to nightmares and dellusions until I would have gone mad or died of sheer terror.

LOU! Where is he? Is he alright? What did the specter do to him? I saw him, Alive... How? The monster tore his body to pieces right before my eyes! Was it just the Ichor that had made me see it all? I didn't see him with me in bed...

After a minute of pure undiluded panic, My father-in-law runs upstair, probably alerted by the noise and he see me, just as the last of the sludge is evaporating.

"Grey! are you alright?" He askes as he helps me stand up.

I'm beggining to feel progressively more and more woozy and can't bring myself to stand . Supporting me, he brings me to Lou's room where I finally see him, his face smashed against his desk, sleeping muttering incomprehensibly.

"What time is it?"

"Around six in the morning... We're tuesday now."

Tuesday... I'd been out for an entire day. "... Is Lou alright?"

He nods at me "He's been staying at your side all day and night."

His father sets me down on his bed and tucks me in like a kid before getting lou and doing the same, My boyfriend does not even reacts as his father lifts him up and sets him down next to me.

"You two have some rest. I'll call school and your parents so they don't worry."

I barely have time to wrap an arm around Lucas and holds him tightly before my eyes shut and I drift into unconsciousness my love closely pressed against my body.

The End

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