Interlude: ConfessionMature

Writter's note: This has nothing to do with anything. I just had that in mind and decided to roll with it while I struggled with the ongoing story.


It's sunday morning and despite his usual protest, I managed to drag Grey with us. He always protests about the church saying this and that. But today he finaly caved in. My father often brings us but he knows we aren't all big believers so he lets us choose to come or not.

What about me? Am I a Christian?

In all honesty, I don't know. Sure, the church has a lot of bad things but they also teach beautiful things. I just wish people paid less attention to the old dogmas and more to the teachings of love and peace.

Grey grumbles a bit on the way but I drag him inside, holding his hand. A few people look at us funny but none comment. Maybe it's because I haven't managed to get him into something more proper, he's wearing baggy ripped jeans and a Black Sabbat tee.

The whole time he twitches around a bit, almost like he's expecting to get kicked out or manifest stigmata or something. Probably because Mary hit an invisible barrier face first when trying to enter the place and crashed into the snow. It was hard no to laugh at that, people would have taught I was crazy.

"Check that!" I say to Grey when the mass is over, pointing at a conffesional.

"What's up with it?" He asks confused but then giving me a dissaproving glare.

"Come on, it'll be fun." I ask him, making my best sad puppy dog eyes to him.

He answers with what can only be written down as Grumble grumble grumble. But he still follows me.

There's no one in line yet so I go in first.

"What is on your mind my child?" The priest asks.

I take a deep breath. I'm not exactly purely serious but I still don,t want a bad reaction...

"Father, I know this goes against the bible, but I like mens... That's what I wanted to talk about."

"I see..." He says almost lost in thoughts. "You aren't from my church aren't you?"

"No. I'm from St.Mary. But it's closed since there was a fire so we came here."

"Ah. I know reverend Jones personally, while he is an honorable man, He and I see things differently. You see, it is said that god has made all humans, men and women as they are. hence why I believe that if you love other men, then it is god's way of making you happy.

If god truly did not want you like this, he would not have made you so."

"Doesn't the bible speaks against homosexuality?" I ask rather confused.

"It does, but the bible was written neither but god himself or his son, it was written by men themselves. No all of whom had noble intentions."

"Thank you father for your words."

"You are welcome young one." The pastor answers, I feel him smile at me from behind the screen.



This is stupid...

Why is Lou even going to church? Christianity has always been such a restrictive religion, always imposing it's will on those beneath them. It's a sham. Just like all religions.

Lucas' been trying to get me to come for a while. I don't get it, The church speaks against our relationship, It burned thousands at the stake by pure misogyny, opressed people and tried to refuse them access to education so they wouldn't question their endoctrinement.   

Today, I've just accepted so we don't have an arguement. He's such a hard head when he's decided what he wants... Whatever. In and out. I don't even have to listen to the priest right?

So we head to this old church. It's not too big being a suburb chapel. Apparently, they usually go to another but it went down in flame and is being renovated on the tax payer's money.

During the sermon, I'm tempted to break out my phone and play something but Lou's holding my hand tightly all through it. So instead I just listen to his heart beat.

When it's done he drags me tothe confessionals... Great, last thing I wanted.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" He says after I try to decline, giving me those eyes. Those cute brown sparkly eyes I can't resist. I grumble a yes and we go there. Thankfully, he goes in first.

Against my expectations, he comes out shining like the sun and pushes me in. There's a moment of silence before I begin.

"I'm going to be honest, I think this is a bad Idea. I'm only here because my friend dragged me.

I'll just get on with it. When I was twelve I've developped magical or psychic powers, I don't know what they are exactly. Then, my girlfriend got killed by a demon or specter and so I raised her spirit from eternal rest using my powers and fed it my rage and sorrows until she herself became a twisted abomination against life that seeks vengeance upon the creature that defilled her mind and caused her death.

And then I..."

I stop for a second.

"You're not believing a word of what I'm saying?"

No answer comes from the otherside. I just sigh loudly and prestly get out of the damn box. But just as I open the door I announce one last thing.

"Oh that friend I talked about, he's actually my boyfriend. We're gay and I don't care what you or your god think about it."

With that I walk out, grabbing Lou's arm and laying my head against him despite the concerned glares people shoot at us.

The End

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