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Next to me, Grey's sleeping on my bed. I haven't slept all night... When that... thing attacked him, something happened...

He's been waking up for very briefs period of time, always screaming darkly, speakings of things that should not be...

"Stay away! You're not real!" He screamed at me in one of his outburst, even trying to claw me.

My father managed to put him down and forced feed him a sleeping pill... Atleast he's calmer now. Warm tears flows from my eyes like a river. I'm tired but I can't sleep so I just sob quietly in my room, sitting at my computer desk.

The sun slowly rises in the horizon. It's monday and I should be going to school on a normal day but this morning, nobody bothers me. I'm still crying when someone sets a hand on my shoulder. My eyes and red and burns, having long ago depleted their supply of the salty liquid. I don't look up at him but my father sits down next to me in a spare chair.

"I think we need to talk." He begins after a long moment of silence.

I don't answer but he continues.

"I'll admit, at first, I was against you being gay... But with time, I've seen the truth... When you're with him, you're shining, happier than ever. Even before everything happened, you never had been like that.

So, In the end, I accepted it. I realised that if it made you happy, It made me just as happy as your father. Right now, you must think I'm lying. That I'm not letting you be with him... In a sense, I am.

I can explain why. But it doesn't mean it makes me right... It also doesn't makes me nice.

It's not what he is or what you are that I fear. It's what hangs onto him, the shadows...

When we first had that talk, Grey admitted he was... special. I couldn't believe it honestly so I searched for answers elsewhere... I don't know what to believe... We've both seen things that just don't make sense.

But that demon wasn't the only thing I saw. I saw her too, that girl that prowls around you. She manifested to me one night. She told me everything. She wanted to scare me I think... So I'd push Grey away.

But I can't do that without pushing you two away. And that's what matters, that I don't lose you."

His massive arms wraps around me like two pythons, nearly crushing me. It hurts as he squeeze too much but I don't tell him, I just lose myself in his arms, crying dry tears.

The End

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