I see Lou runnung toward me...

Such an idiot... I wanted him away. I wanted him to live.

The specter doesn't even look at him as he swipes him down on the ground and just as swiftly he holds him in place with his dark appendages, physical manifestation of a tortured soul.

I never learned the name of this monster, the one he held in life. But I know what he is, a specter. Not just a ghost, an imprint left on the world by a person's passing. He's the actual soul of a man. One that twisted itself, gave itself to oblivion, becoming a servant of destruction by it's own overwhelming anger and madness.

I know nothing that can hurt a Specter. Well, nothing that can permanently kill it. It doesn't need an item or corpse to remain existing, it's not a memory but a monster, a twisted and corrupted husk that roams free.

It turns it's attention to my love as new limbs sprouts from the unholy abomination's body. I'm not a religious man. I don't believe someone's really watching over us. How could I with what happened to me and Mary?

But right now, I'm praying.

"Please god... Let him take me! Spare Lou! Please... I'll endure anything..."

I don't realise I uttured these words out loud before I finish speaking them.

The killer however doesn't care. He just pursue his ordeal. As tentacles pin my boyfriend to the ground, his four new limbs that end in long chitinous spikes rams right into his flanks, tediously slowly ripping their way inside his flesh.

Lucas screams out in agonising pain as the man cackles with satisfaction, feeding off the pain of it's victim and the torment of the onlookers.

"Just like the little girl you are..." He claims with glee.

Another of his spikes now rips off the clothes he wear and delightfully, the specter slices long cuts across the boy's torso, dark blood flowing under the dark skies, barely lit by the lamposts.

The torture goes on and on, becoming more and more sadistic. Ocasionally, he turns to me, enjoying my reactions. I don't try to close my eyes... I can't do that to lou... It's all my fault... I brought this with me.

It's after an eternity of watching my lover get torn to pieces that the Specter finaly dispose of him, unceremoniously dumping him on the ground and turn his attention to me.

Lou is dead...

So will I be in a minute. 

I don't even try to struggle as it's spined limbs begin their work. It hurts so bad... At least I'm going away to be with Lou right?

Suddenly, my head hits the pavement of the park. A dark viscous liquid pours away from my eyes and mouth. What's going on? I feel someone's arm dragging me away. It tocuhes my exposed body and I recognise it. Lucas? he's dead! Is it another illusion?

Eventually I pass out, crying my soul out.

I can't take this anymore... I... I just want to die...

The End

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