Kicked backMature


I feel the cold hit me as Grey's knife pierce my phantasmal body. Now, I understand how that ghost felt when I stabbed her that time in the school's pool. Once the blade stops, the cold is replaced with a burning, searing pain as the ectoplasmic body burns to ashes.

In a split second, I get hurled back to my room, I that impact I go throught to reintegrate my body is just likeI'd just fallen from the school's roof and hit the cement floor. It hurts, my head is in so much pain right now, but it doesn't matter. I have to get up.

I get up from the bed and hurl down the content of my stomach right onto the floor. No time to clean this up. Dizzy as all hell, I walk out to the drawer in which I find one of Grey's gift knife.

"MARY!" I scream, calling her out.

As a shadowy snake, she comes to me, wrapping herself around my body tightly. I feel a tiny bit better, I think she's absorbing the shock of recorporation. I stumble out just as my Father comes in from work.

"Lou are you alright? You don't look good..." He says.

I don't listen, I just walk out the front door. He follows me and for a second yell at me until he notice the knife I have in hand.


I run down the streets, the park is a good fifteen minutes away, I won't be there in time. "Damn it!" I scream out loud, the Suddenly, a car pull up right next to me. It's my father.

"Look... Just get in. I can see there's soemthing going on. We'll talk later." He says.

I hadn't expected that. I thought he would have just stopped me.

I jump in the passenger side and we speed off, going twice over the rather sluggish speed limit of the suburban street.

In the park, Grey's on his stomach, laying in a pool of black liquid... The man-creature thing standing over him. I can hear my love wails and shrieks while the monster gloats gleefully over him, his appendages reaching inside Grey's mind and body.

"Stop!" I screach, jumping out of the car before it actually finish parking.

I charge at it, knife in hand, screaming in undilluded rage. It doesn't even seem phased as one of it's tentacle reach for me and sends my flying onto the ground. The man leaves my guy alone and now closes on me, taking it's time.

"I see you again, Lady-boy..." He says, his voice in human, sounding like nails raking on a blackboard. "I'll have fun with you. Just like I did with his previous Love..."

Slowly, parts of his body dissolve into goo which slides toward me, even more slowly, taking it's time to strech out the fun it seems to be having.

"Leave my boy the fuck alone!" My father screams.

A thunderous boom ressonate all across the park and the monster's head explodes in a splash of darkened ectoplasm... Another boom pierce the air and this time, a part of the thing's chest flies off.

I feel my father dragging me back up, a shotgun in hand. "Get Grey now. I'll keep this, whatever it is away..."

I don't wait, despite my shoulder hurting like mad from falling down and my tiredness... I drag an unconscious Grey painfully to the car. When I look at my Father, I see Mary's hanging onto him, whispering in his ear.

The End

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