Climate changes might be bad, but right now, I'm thankful it means that I don't have to stay holed up at home from the dismal cold of early Febuary. Tonight, i'm aimlessly wondering through the streets of Lucas' neighborhood. I wish I could go see him, but the jackass he calls his father grounded him.

Yeah, sure, he skipped school. But who gives a fuck? Even when he was being bullied and beated he went. He skips once and it's a huge fuss? Bullshit. Yeah, we drank and had sex but we're teens, it's not like he's never had to put up with this stuff from the others. Shit, he's the oldest one here too, I'm still fourteen. Lou might be five feet nothing with one hell of a baby face he's still nine months older than me.

His father's still in his bigot phase I guess. He probably still hopes it's some kind of temporary thing.

I'm sitting on the nearby park's rusted slide when a vocie comes to me.

"Grey..." It calls me out, distantly and barely head.

"Grey!" It says again and again, growing closer.

"What is it Mar--"

Infront of me, I see someone, not Mary, but Lou, floating in the air in a spectral form, a thin silver cord flying off into the distance. By the direction of it, his house.

"Lou? Is that you?"

He nods at me, walking around a bit in mid air. "Mary showed me how to do... this... I don't know how to explain it..."

I raise an eyebrow at him. I'm rather deeply familiar with Marianne's teaching methods... It seems odd to trying picture Lou and her... Ehrm.

I take him in my arm as he materialise a semi-physcical body, a construct of ectoplasm. He kiss my lips and I return it for a moment but break of and say

"You're aware you aren't wearing anything?"

He covers himself up as I finish speaking. Not that it changes much, his body is already only half-visible.

"There's nothing to hide from me that I haven't seen." I claim, setting my own coat around his spectral shoulders.

We sit on the park bench and once more, our tongue meet.

"How cute..." A sordid voice claims... "A boy that think he's a girl..."

That voice... My whole body is overtaken with fear, shaking, sweating, my breathing grows exponential.

Behind us, stands that man. The one who killed Mary. He floats across the air in a blasphemous, twisted form that is now only vaguely humanoid. Tentacles, spikes and maws cover his entire skin where tenebrous cloak weaven from the spirit's anger and madness doesn't cover him.

I jump to me feet, keeping Lou behind me.

"Lou, listen to me. RUN! Get back home. NOW!" I scream.

For the last two years, I had been looking for that man, now I'd almost forgotten about it, he comes back into my life. There was no way I was letting him hurt lucas too.

Behind me, my boyfriend freezes. Damn it! I've got no choice. Using my knife, I stab him right in the chest. The touch of cold iron disrupt his body, kicking him back to his sanctum. In his case, his body. It probably hurt him... A lot. But I won't risk losing him.

The End

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