First lessonsMature


My dad found out about the whole ordeal. It wasn't exactly hard, I had skipped school, passed the night out and came back my old clothes smelling like booze... I don't know if he know about Grey and I having sex, but he probably guessed it.

So now I'm grounded. I can't go out and Grey's barred from the house for a week. Atleast we can see each others in school. He also cut my internet access and took my phone. So I can't even talk to my boyfriend. That damn bastard, I want to strangle him.

Maybe I deserve it in a way, I did skip classes, lie to him (Even getting Mia's older sister to pretend to be her mother.) and get smashed beyond beliefs on both drugs and alcohol. That doesn't change the fact I'm pissed and I refuse to talk to him until he remove that stupid punishment.

So I just sprawl on my bed, it's now the weekend and I've got jack to do all day and night. My brother's at work and all the girls are out so I've got no one to talk to.

"Do you want to talk?" A girl's voice ask.

I look up, getting my hair out of the way, which is getting pretty long... Mary's right there in her creepy ghost girl look. It's still better than the shadow serpent or the smoke monster forms.

"What do you want?" I question her, more annoyed than anything else.

"Don't you want compagny?"

"Not if it's demonic spirits." I answer her.

Ever since that time in the cave, I've been able to see her. I think I can see other ghosts or whatever, but just sort of like odd shadows or blurs.

"What if it's my little sweetiepie you can talk to?"

She sometimes call Grey that, which makes me cringe a little inside. Why can't she understand that there's nothing between Grey and her anymore and probably never will be again?

"If you turn into him, I'll find a way to hit you."

"Good boys don't hit girls!" She claims, faking being offended.

"Doesn't count for ghost girls."

"Fine! I won't teach you how to see him then."

"How to seee him? What do you mean?"

She just pouts and say "Say sorry first."

"Sorry..." I meekly reply.

"Better than that."

I just stare at her for a full minute before caving in. "I'm sorry Marianne."

"Alright! I forgive you now!" She declares, now extremely cheerful all of a sudden.

She hops onto the bed and nearly jump on me, her spectral hands pinning me down. She climbs on top of me and look me strait in the eyes with her own not-eyes.

"You know what it means!" She exclaim.

Up until now, I had been pushing her away. Yeah, she's a ghost and a girl too and I don't feel anything toward girls. But it still feels wrong... Like I'm cheating on Grey. "Get on with it..." I mutter frustrated.

He closes in on me and we kiss, our tongue meeting, my flesh against her ectoplasm. As we do, her knowledge pours into me. When I feel the mental contact end, I push her away, knowing she'll keep on kissing me if I don't.

The End

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