Grey just told me about Mia's offer...

Now, I'm all stressed out. I know I wanted Grey and I to... You know what.

But now, it stresses me out so much... Like I just got some deadlines on an assignment.
 I can'y decide; Am I looking forward to tonight or do I want to run away?

I sent a message to my dad, saying I had to spend the night at Mia's place to finish a project for class. I had to lie, I said grey was in another team and wouldn't be comming. It would just be me an the girls.

He had met Jen and Mia so he knew who they were. I suspect he even shot them a message to confirm the whole thing. Good thing we all discussed the plan before hand. It's also good my dad doesn't know about the girls. He thinks I'm hanging out with strait people for once.

In class, time is at a crawl, it passes so darn slowly. Grey and I feel each other's anxiety through that bond we share thanks to Mary. He's just as nervous as I am.

Gah! Why is it that we're getting sos tressed out over all this?

Finally! The day's over. However, I don't join Grey right now. I need some time to calm down. I walk down the streets for a half hour before I stumble into a pharmacy.

I walk down the isles, I know what I need...

How much damn types of condom exist? Silicon or water lubbed, extra thin, textured, ice and hot, flavored. And what size do I even fit in? What about Grey?

Ah fuck it... I just pick the first one I see and get a few different sizes just in case... I don't even dare look at the cashier in the eyes when I pay... In the corner of my eyes I see her smile. She's probably used to that embarassment from teens.

I finaly arive at Mia's place. Everyone's already there. Seeing me Grey drags me into a long drawn out kiss. "I thought you bailed out" he whispers softly to my ear.

It's early so we (thankfully) don't just go to bed. All four of just spend the evening playing games, talking and drinking. Vodka is absolutly horrifying to drink strait but Jen drinks it like water...

When it's late, about one in the morning, the Mia drags her girlfriend to the bedroom, she's completly smashed...

Grey and I enter ours, clearly a girl's room. Apparently Mia's sister left the house for college so she's not using it now.

Grey and I make out, practically ripping each other's clothes at the same time. They had lit up a few blunts and he was clearly blitzed. I hadn't taken much, just enough not to be paniking.

Seeing my hesitation, grey leaned onto me and asked. "Do you want to continue? I'm alright if you don't." He could feel my nervousness, to the point of panic. I dragged him back into a kiss. We'd been waiting for this. I wasn't going to ruin it.

I pushed him on the bed.

I won't say what happened next... But I'm going to say this; Someone's first time is always embarassing and akward. It's probably worse between men... It's a lot less one sided...

Regardless, it was just... Wow.

The End

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