School's begun last week and I know Lou's feeling restless. Unlike the winter break, I don't spend all my time at his house. His father shooed my out, pretexting that we needed good sleep for school. I think he's full of bull crap.

Atleast the fact we're a couple has gotten into his thick skull. Now if we can just have some privacy instead of him checking in on us for bullshit reasons every 30 minutes...

Someone tackles me, I'm about to ram my elbow down his face when I notice it's Lou. With the proximity, I can feel his emotions. He's feeling frustrated, it's been getting worse over the last few days.

It also propagate to me, he's aroused, I know what he wants but we aren't going to do that in school. But we can't do anything at his place... Usually, I'm the one who begin the affectionate demonstration, he's too shy to do it. Especially in public places.

But at the moment, he's the lively and expressive one.
Around the school, it's no longer just a rumor, the fact we're dating...

"Here they are, our own little girls" Says a mocking voice from around the corner

We both leave each other's arms and look at him. Josh, Lou's ancient "friend". Frickin jackass...

I'm about to tell him to scram when Lucas steps forward.

Without missing a beat, he jams his foot right down the moron's crotch... When he holds his agonicing balls, Lou kicks him right in the knee and when he falls down, finishes him with a last kick right in the belly.

I stare at the scene, flaberghasted by what I see... He's normally so passive, but now he's on edge and feeling enraged. He doesn't wait for me to walk away just as the bell rings.

Damn... I wanted to talk to him, but I've got to head for the music class, which is on the other side of the darn school. It'll have to wait until the break...

In Class, I sit right next to Mia now. The teach's making the pianists repeat their part so we chat a bit.

"Is Lou alright?" She ask me.

"I don't think so..."

"What's the problem?"

"Well... eh..."

She let out a muffled giggle. Which is cute but I'm taken and she doesn't swing that way...

"It's sex right?" she ask with a grin.

I nod meekly, feeling so embarassed.

"Have you two?" I ask her, whispering.

She grins further and nod.

She then whispers to me... "Why don't you two come to my place tonight? My parents are gone and there's an extra bed..." she says suggestively.

I blushes to a point I'm redder than a lobster... Not a reaction I often have... but I admit, I'm getting emotional over all of this, I'm still feeling Lou's emotion on top of it all.

The End

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