Grey and I are alone for once. We're making out with vigor and more passion than ever. He looks at me and grins. I feel his hand exploring, going from my thigh to the netherzone. He unmakes my belt and I work off his pants. We do what we've been wanting to do forever.

After all this time, we finally--

The alarm clock next to me rings. I feel tempted to throw it against the wall. I'm breathing heavily as I wake up, I,m aroused. It's the third dream like this I get this week, of Grey and I...

Quietly, I sneak in the bathroom. I don't want my sisters to see me like this. The cold shower helps clear away my thoughts of the dream.

I leave the bathroom and head to my room, School has begun again, it's had been for the last two weeks. Today, Grey's not here, he only stay over in the weekend, a deal he made with my 'Pa.

Why is my father so damn protective? If it was a girl I brought over like this, he'd be high fiving me in the morning... At least he accepts the Idea of us being together. I guess that's already a start.

I grab some clothes out of the drawer when I notice something... The stash of rubbers my brother has given me is gone... We haven't had the... chance to use them but...

"Smooth dad" I grumble to myself.

Why doesn't he just leave us alone? I'm fifteen for christ's sake... Why is he so worried? I'm the only virgin in the damn house... Well maybe except the twins. But they're at an all girl school, they don't have much oportunities. Unless...

I stop my train of thoughts. Eli and Kathy have the right to their privacy. But why can't I?
 This is seriously begining to bother me... Can't I spend some alone time with my boyfriend and be a normal teen for once?

I don't talk to anyone today, I just head for school early. I know Grey's going to be there, he alway leave his place early, just as to spend as little time there as he can.

He's there, in our usual spot, there's this hallway in our school, it's right around a corner and only leads to the climate control system of the school and one of the roof access, which is closed for the winter. The nearest class is more than fifthy yards away.

As I see him, I tackle him and begin french kissing him, not even saying hi first. He's surprised but returns the attention, holding me tightly in his arms. At that moment, I wish I could just melt into him...

The End

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