Making upMature


As I brood in the cafeteria, a girl comes to see me.

"Is that you Lucas?"

I raise my head and look at her. She looks familiar. Was she from school? I hope she won't mock me... My day is already so bad.

She sits right next to me, right on the table. Some adults look at us but none comment on it. "Are you alright?" She asks... There's no mockery in her voice, she does seem worried.

I look up at her, still silently crying. I know her. She's from my art classes. Jennifer I think her name is?

She run her hand in my hair "Do you need someone to talk to? I can listen..."

Even if I did, she wouldn't understand.

A voice calls her over but instead of leaving, she stays with me. "Lucas, this is Mia..." she says presenting the girl with her. I don't care... Can't she just leave me?

They look a each other and give her a nod. In my ear she whispers "She's my girlfriend."

My eyes widden. So I'm not the only gay kid in school? They must all be scared to speak up after what happened to me... Somewhy, that news comfort me, for once, I'm not alone to feel something.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

At this point, I've got nothing to lose. I take a deep breath... "My father learned I like men..."

They share a comprehensive look and both hold me in their arms. I don't try to break away. At this point, I really needed someone, regardless of who it was.

"What happened?"

"He caught Grey and I... Kissing."

"Oh... He didn't react well?"

"He tried to separate us, he said Grey was trying to take advantage of me... I hit him in the face..."

I beging crying again. Warm, salty tears flowing down from my eyes and running down my reddened checks. The girls stand by me, still holding me in their arms, whispering kind words to my ears.

The door to the cafeteria opens up and someone comes toward us. I look up. It's Grey...

He barely gives the two girls with me a side glance before taking me in his arms.

"I talked to you dad." He admits.

"Did you..." I whisper in his ear, with a point of rising anger.

"No. But I told him I could have..." I broke off and looked at him, right into the eyes. He was sincere, I knew it. He didn't have that melancholy in his eyes he always display when using that trick.

We kiss and make up, right before I close my eyes, I can see the girls smiling at us... I guess we've got new friends afterall.

The End

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