His father turns to me and speaks despite his nose spouting blood everywhere.

"Look, I understand you and Lou's situation..." He begins.

"Actually you don't. You know, he talked to me a lot about you. How much he likes you. How great you are." I rise up and begin to pace along the windows, looking at Lucas leaving. "He knows how much you're overworked. With the twins and your work. He's always been shy. That's why he didn't tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"Do you know why he's so lonely?"


"Last year, he finally took his courage in hand. He said to his best friend he was crushing on him for the last few years. That night, he came back with a broken nose..."

"I thought he fell in PE..."

"That's what he told you. He didn't want you to worry..."

He remains silents for a moment.

"That's how I met him. He was being ganged up by those he had called friends. Just because he was into men. Again, he didn't tell you. You already had so much on your shoulder.

And no, I didn't "corrupt" or took advantage of him. At that time, I had never even considered being into boys. If anything he's the one who influenced me... Do you want to know the worse thing? If I had wanted to abuse him, I could have done it..."

"What do you mean?" He looks at me with confused eyes with a hint of reprehension.

I look at him and our eyes lock. "Give me your watch please." He doesn't hesitate and hands it to me. He takes a second to wake up from the charm, blinking furiously. I toss it back to him.

"How did..." He claims, startled.

"That's something I can do. Control people. Make them obey me." I announce in all seriousness.

"Did you..."

I keep cutting him off. He probably think I'm rude. Whatever, at this point, I don't care what he thinks of me. He's already screwed his own father-son relationship so what does it matter?

"Before you ask. No. I never used it on him. I never will. I know I won't live with myself If I do, because I love him."

"Why are you telling me this."

"I... I never had real parents. They're alive and live with me, but they aren't there. They just throw cash at me so I don't bother them. Lou has that luck. He's got a large family, one that love him, one that supports him. I don't and I really don't want him to lose that."

He now looks down at his feet. Probably ashamed of his words and acts.

"Since his friend had betrayed him, he never trusted in himself. Never trusted his heart again. Now, he's begining to open. To deconstruct the wall of isolation and pain that he build for himself."

He keeps listening to me, silent as the grave.

"Now, it's time to choose. What is more important to you, the happinest of your son or those antiquated beliefs of yours. But remember, you've already betrayed the trust he had in you. Of all people he thought he could count on you to support him."

I look back into his eyes. "There's still time to repair it before the damage is done... It's your choice. I can't force you to take one or the other. Actually, I can, but I won't..."

I walk out the same way as Lucas had gone, grabbing my coat and his own. "Think about it." I launch at him before slamming the door shut behind me.

The End

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