My father makes us sleep in different rooms. He says we'll need to talk in the morning... Grey and I don't resist. We expected it to happen eventually.

Tonight, my father sleeps in my room, Grey's in his. I miss him already, his warm body against me. It's so cold... In my head, I still hear is heart beat from affar, Like we're now connected. I feel like a ghost of him presence is still with me, but it's not the same...

Morning comes by but I haven't slept all night. Too absorbed in my own anger. I can feel Grey, he's nervous, scared, angry. Like me.

Grey, my father and I remain silent until breakfast's over the girls bail out for the day.

"Grey, Lucas... I know how you two are feeling but--"

"But what?" I ask scathingly.


"Don't call me that." I grumble.

"Lucas, I've already explained these things to you before..."

"What does it change that we're boys?"

He sigh and begins again "You're not a child anymore. I think you understand how these things are meant to be between man and..."

I cut him again, feeling more and more enraged. "It's just that? Just because I'm gay? Lucy brings a different boys every night you say nothing and Eli change boyfriend like she changes underwear and that's alright too?"

"You know it's a different thing."

"No, it's not. We love each others. Nothing else matters."

I cross my arms, pouting. Next to me, Grey remain silent, just staring at my father. Normally, I like his dark and mysterious act but at the moment, I want to punch him. Why isn't he backing me up? Gah! I really want to punch him awake.

"No, no. Listen Lucas, I'm your father, I just want to help you. I know you're lonely and Grey is the only--"

He doesn't finish that sentence. My fist crushes his nose.

"How dare you imply that?"I scream at the top of my lungs.

Blood begins flowing down from his now broken nose, he stares at me in shock before grabbing a tissue.

In the meantime, I storm out, yelling profanities at my dad. He and Grey are dumb founded and they just stare at me as I leave. Not even taking my winter coat...

I don't want to see anyone! Not even Grey. I walk into the snow and gain shelter in the nearby restaurant/caffeteria.

I thought my dad was cool. But he's just like all these losers at school. I hate him!

The End

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