I yelled that several times but no answers comes back to me.

Is he dead? No, he can't be...

I have to find him.

I scour the devastated valley. Outside, the storm has worsened. I can't see anything, not even the horizon.

I try to find him, but find nothing, the snow's wiped away the imprints he would have left.

How long as it been? Minutes? Hours? I can see the sun's getting down, soon, it'll be night and finding him will be near imposible. If he's burried, he won't have enough oxygen to last much longer...

I try to call for mary's help but she doesn't answer.

"Damn her, that bitch!" I scream at the top of my lung.

The sun is now down, the entire area is sunken in darkness, the moonlight obscured by the storm.

My eyes tears up and I cry like a baby... It's my fault. I should have stopped him.

I curl up on the snow, crying my heart out.


I hear a heart beat. It's not mine. It's another that goes in rhythm with it. It's him. I know it. I feel his heart beat from far away. He's alive!

I can feel it comming from the sun's direction, at the bottom of the cliff.

I run for it, feeling it growing closer and closer. Under me. It's right there.

Using my snowboard as a shovel, I dig down, several feet. In the cliff's facade, there's a small fissure. Is it a cavern?

After minutes of laborious work, I finally break the wall of snow and fall in to the opening.

There he is, leaning against the cavern's wall, his body shivers badly and his breath is heavy, irregular.

"Lou!" As I speak, I nearly tackle the man. Holding him in my arms.

But then I see her. Mary, she's on the farside of him, sitting down indian style... My chest burns with anger. I'm going to kill that bitch... I take out the knife I held in my suit and approches her. She's scared. She trembles infront of me. But I won't fall for it.

"Stop..." Comes Lucas' voice. "She helped me..." He sounds weak and tired.

I stare back and him, then to the ghostly girl. She nods timidly.

My knife fall to the ground. I have to help Lou. We have to get out of here.

"Can you stand up?"

"I think so..." He tries to get up but moan in pain. "I think I hurt my foot..."

I don't hesitate. I take him in my arm and walk him home. I'm tired, my body hurts, my head is about to burst and I'm freezing cold.

But I don't falter, not for him.

My whole body shakes from pain and fatigue when we arrive home. I let him down but still support him. As we wall into the foyer, we comes right under the mistletoe. I forgot... It's christmas tomorow.

We both look at each other, then to the room. We're alone.

We don't hesitate, he leans onto me and we kiss. Not just a small kiss, the all-in-one package. The one we've been wanting for the last few months. Our lips and tongues meet. We're alive, we're safe, we're together, we're in love. We're happy.

After an eternity, we finally break off from one another, I wish it would go on, but every good thing must end...

As we do, something falls to the floor and we hear the sound of breaking glass. Next to us, having just entered the cabin again, is Lou's father, his glasses in piece at his feet.


The End

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