The man infront of me disappear just as the snow hits me, he's not affected by it, he just vanish like grey does, the wave of cold white snow drags me along with it, heading for another cliff to presumably squash me.

Any second now, I should crash against the wall of rock. By some miracle, I end up pushed into some sort of cavern. Short of divine intervention, I don't know what could have made that happen...

"Grey likes you..." declares a voice from behind me.

Crouched, arms and head against her knees is a little girl. She looks twelve. She's clearly not dressed for being in the mountain, her black robe flows down in a pool at her feet.

"Hi little girl... Are you alright?" I meekly asks.

"I'm dead." She answers drily.

Right. Spirits are real. That fact hadn't exactly sunken in to me...

"Do you know Grey?"

She nods. "Grey's mine."

"Grey belongs to himself."

"He's mine! Not yours!" She pouts. "I don't like you."

"And yet you saved me?" I say, not sure if it's true or not.

"Grey would have been mad at me."

"Why do you say he's yours?"

"We go out together."

Right now? It couldn't be... Maybe in the past? When she was alive.

"Was it when you were alive?"

She nods but add "But Grey brought me back. He still loves me."

"Don't you think you should move on? I mean to heaven. You don't have to stay here."

"I won't! Not until I find him!" She screams.

"Him who?"

"The bad man. He hurt me. He killed me."

"Was he alive or..."

"Dead. He is like I am now."

"Is that why grey hate ghost?"

She nods and give me a dark smile, I shiver, not because of the cold but because of her.

"See? I hasn't told you. He doesn't really like you."

She's got a point he hasn't told me. But I'm not stupid. We aren't dating yet and even then, Grey has the right to his own secrets.

"What would it take for you to accept me?"

By her expression, she's clearly surprised.

"You also want to be mine?" She questions, displaying another creepy grin.

"If that's what it takes."

She smiles and trots to my position.

"Are you sure?" She askes her face literally an inch away from mine.

"I am!" I declare, motivated as ever.

She smiles and takes my head in her hands. Her lips meet up with mines. I don't like girls, but this isn't just a kiss. As our body connects our being merge for an instant. I relive her pain, her death, her new unlife. So does she, living my own memories.

When the contact end, my heart beast faster than ever, my chest burns and my head throbs. I feel something. Something growing in me.


The End

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