We've been here for four days. Lou and I still sleep togueter, there's nothing going on, we just share the same bed and sleep one against the other.

I've been feeling better than ever. The nightmares haven't shown themselves since that night... Same for Mary. I know she's watching us but she isn't acting on it.

Would she care if we...

Do I want to happen so soon? Is it really the point of a relationship?

No. It's not. It'll wait until we're ready... Nothing's urgent right now.

Behind me, Lou, following, trying to match my pace. He's improved quickly, he's now able to follow me in the more advanced trails.

"You're getting good." I say to him, smiling warmly.

"But I'm still not as good as you."

"Give it time, you'll be a pro."

In reality, I learned fast because of my ability. Having rented the snowboard, I absorbed the previous user's experience. It's the reason I know so much, Piano, guitar, academics. If it's second hand, I can leach the memories imprinted on it.

"Do you see where the lift is?" He asks.

I look around, it's not too cold that day, but it's a real blizard outside, nearly a whiteout.

"No, but I think it's that way." I claim, pointing to our left.

We head for it until I stop. Lou doing the same... Just at the edge of what I can see, there's a man in snowsuit. He's looking paniqued, he runs around, looking lost. His colors are all washed out, having taken a grayish tone. A ghost.

"Do you see that?" Lucas ask me.

I stare at him and blink. He can see it? His words from a few nights ago comes back to me.

"There's a shadow that clings to you." Did he mean Mary? Did he see her? Damn it...

I look back at him, but he's gone. I turn back to the ghost and see him, he's speeding away to help it.

"LOU!!!" I yell trying to make myself heard.

He doesn't hear me. Damn it.

I speed after him, he's got a considerable distance, but I'm faster. My board however hits a rock and I crash face first into the snow. Damn! I wasn't paying attention. I see him, he's getting much closer to the spirit.

The spirit turns toward him and I see it. A powerful glow in it's eyes. A Will-o-the-wisp...

"NO!!!" I cry out, as a rumbling is heard through the mountain, the snow from the nearby cliff begings to slide down; an avalanche.

The End

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