Day and KnightMature


That night, I dreamed.

I dreamed of a knight and a lonely princess, captured by evil forces. In her heart, darkness grows as solitude overtakes her. In a distant land, a brave man raises and march to save her. Along his quest, he fights many monsters. He vanquishes mighty foes, surpasses incredible perils.

He ventures into the queen of darkness' stronghold and vanquish her. Finally, the knight and princess meets and kiss.

When the helmet of the hero and the veil of the princess falls, I see us. Grey as not the hero, but the lady in distress and I as the brave savior.

I wake up. Grey is still there, in my arms, asleep. His hair smell nice, and despite the night, he looks good. I wish I was like that... My hair is already back to a tangly mess. Outside, the sun is up but I don't want to get up. I feel good here, feeling his warmth against my body.

A knock on the door wakes him up.

"Morning boys. Breakfast's on the table." My father says. He tries to open the door, but I thankfully remembered to lock it last night.

I didn't want him to see us like that...

I don't even know how to tell him.

I hope he won't react badly...

Grey drags me out of bed and my inner questioning. "Morning Lou." He says with a smile.

"Hey..." I respond shyly.

He depose a kiss on my forehead and whispers

"Thanks for last night... I needed someone..."

"No problem..." I answer him, all flustered.

He gives me a pat in the back before stripping down, changing. I look away, but he keeps his underwear. I redden even harder as I imagine him without them... He doesn't notice or he doesn't comment on it.

"You take the shower first." He says, walking out.

I hit the bathroom. Taking a long nighly boiling shower, trying to change my thoughts. When I'm done, I finish brusshing my hair. Grey gave me his brush, now, I jealously guard it. Maybe I do love him...

When I walk out, finally looking like a human being, it's his turn to hit the shower. He doesn't take as long as me and he comes out wearing that shirt of when we first met.

"You guys slept well?" my father asks us

We exchange an accomplice look before nodding. No one seemed to notice. Sometimes I love my family being thick...

Just as we're done, we leave togueter for another day of fun. Hopefully, this time I'll manage to do more than one succesful run...

The End

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