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I ended up going with Lucas' family to the mountains. It was my first time, but I managed it. Snowboarding ain't that bad, but I still prefer to have my feet grounded. I could finally relax, there aren't as many ghosts here. Everyone's having fun, so I don't feel all the angst and irritation the city conceals.

It's been a few months and I think I do love him... It was weird at first. Getting over his gender, but now it doesn't bother me. Why should it?

"Are you alright Lou?" I asks. He's just feel down again. He's so clumsy, but I like that part of him.

He gets up from his butt "Yeah! But thanks for worrying!" He screams over the wind.

I like him. But does he also like me in return? He said he needed to think about it. Is three months enough? Should I question him?

No. I'll give him time. He was so hurt by his old friend. I think he has problem trusting his feelings. I wish I could demolish that guy... Such an asshole.

I help him up. "Alright, we try again?"

He nods with conviction. That's another thing I like. He's so timid, clumsy, incertain of himself. But when he's determined, nothing can stop him. I wish I was like that too...

After his sixth atempt, he finally manage to run down the strip without crashing. I high five him. "Welldone mate."

"Thanks..." He says catching his breath again "How did you do it in only one try?"

I shrug "I guess I'm just talented." I say, grinning.

"It's getting dark, want to get back inside?"

"Yeah. Beside you're covered in snow."

Both of us go back to the cabin they rented. It's a four bedroom building with a central kitchen and living room area. It's actually quite nice, Lou and I have our own room. His brother was supposed to be with him, but he canceled.

I liked his brother. He's cool too. But I wonder if he's trying to match us togueter...


I sit on the bed as Lucas unpack his bags. Unlike me, he packed alot of stuff. I just tossed the first clothes I had found and some paperbacks.

As he takes out a small bag from his stuff, he examine it carefully before opening it and freezing.

"What's that?" I ask

He takes a few seconds before telling me "Rubbers..."

I burst out laughing. "It's your brother isn't it?"

"Yeah" He answers, clearly embarassed.


We're sitting outside, leaning on the railing overlooking the mountain and the sunset, displaying shades of red orange and pink.

"It's nice isn't it?" I ask, sipping a cup of hot cocoa. I hadn't had any since I was a child...

"Yeah..." He responds, his eyes closing and nearly spilling his own cup.

"You're dead tired man. You need to bunk." Despite his protest, I push him in our room and tuck him in. He's asleep before I even finish.

Outside, the moon is full, shining it's silver light on the mountain, giving it a magical appearance. I see why Lucas wanted me to come it's so relaxing here. Mary hasn't bothered me today. In the day, she hiddes withing the ring on my finger. The one she had given me when we first met. At night, she just roams around, doing god knows what.

In the next bed, Lou sleeps, he's cute when he does. So peaceful. I probably look like hell, twisting and talking in my nightmares.

"Grey?" His voice askes, half asleep as he rises up.

"Hey Lou." I speak, just above a whisper.

"You're not sleeping?"

"I... I can't...My mind's just too busy tonight."

"There' s a shadow that glings to you. "

I look back outside for a moment, thinking, and the next, he's taking my arm, bringing me to his bed... I don't resist

"You need to sleep." he says, cuddling me. He quickly fall back to sleep and I also finds rest. Just as my eyes close, I see Mary, stating at us from my bed...

The End

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