Grey and I are now inseparable. In classes, at lunch, at home.

We're not going out, but we're good friends. Rumors at school say we're together but we don't address it. Some boys tried to pick on us but Grey just kicked the living hell out of them. I admit, he's quite sexy when he takes on that cold, rugged look.

Meanwhile, we both share our interest with each others. He introduce me to reading, classic authors, Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, Michael Moorcock amongst many author. He also made me read some non fiction by Crowley, Regardie, Gnostic literature, Buddhist texts. It's hard stuff, but he says it's good for me.

On the other hand, I introduce him to gaming. He said his parents wouldn't pay him a console when he was younger and he hadn't shown interest since he was twelve... I asked him if something had happened, but he doesn't want to talk about it yet.

Eventually, Winter settled in, it was the eve before the winter break started that I asked him.

"I'm going to a Skiing cabin this winter with my family. What is yours doing?"

"Nothing..." He answered somberly, looking at the floor, taking a drag of his cigarette.

"You aren't doing anything?" I asked, surprised.


"Oh..." At the time, I felt sad for him. I think his parents hated him or resented him... They were always so cold with him.

I took his hand and began dragging him. "Come on, you're coming to eat at my place." I commanded him. He stared and blinked at me, but ultimately he cooperated.


My father never really minded if we took people in for dinner. Being such a large family, he always cooked for an army. So that night, Grey joined us around the table.

"Hey 'pa?"

"Yes Lou?" He asked as I helped him out with the dishes.

"Martin's staying with his girlfriend this winter. Can Grey come with us?"

Behind my back, I felt him glares at me.

"Well... There's an extra bed. He can come if he wants to." My awesome father answered after a moment's reflection.

"It's not fair, why can't I invite someone over?" My sister Kathy replies.

I looked at her, sticking my tongue out "My room. My bunk mate!" I reply with a smug grin.

She grumbles a few irritated words and leave for her room.

Once I'm done, Grey tackles me in the empty living room.

"You didn't have to do that you know."

"Actually, I did." I answer him.

"Why?" He asks raising a brow.

"You're always so grim, so dark. You need time away from your family."

"And with you?" He says, elbowing me in the rib with a smile.

I blush a bit. But don't let him embarrass me.  "If that's what it takes to cheer you up."


It's nearly ten when he leaves and from the upstairs balcony I look him walking home.

"You're cute together." My brother says, leaning against the railing.

I don't know if I should blush or tell him to shush... In the end, I do both, gently punching him in the kidney.

"Did you two..." He insinuated.

"No!" I answer him firmly.

He smiles and go back in, leaving me there. I admit, I do like Grey, but sometimes, I just feel like there's a shadow floating over him...

The End

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