Under the rainMature


Home isn't far from school, but today, I feel like walking under the rain, so I simply wander aimlessly around town. There's little to do in the suburbs when no one talks to you, I spent all my free time watching television or browsing the web aimlessly.

The air is cold and fresh, just like the heavy rain. My umbrella shields me from the worst, but I still feel refreshed by the weather. I head to the corner store feeling thirsty.

There he is...

He walks slowly, looking down at the streets, hands hin his pocket, wearing nothing but his shirt to protect him.

I ran for him, catching up with him in a second. He wasn't going anywhere. Above his head, I set the umbrella and smile at him. "You're going to get sick if you do that..."

He looks up at me and smiles back weakly. He's soaked from head to toe, his long black hair, sticks and obscure his visage, concealing completely his eyes to me.

"Hey... Lucas"

"You can call me Lou." I reply cheerfully.

"I'm sorry for not coming today... After last night, I needed time alone..."

"It's alright. How are you? you really don't look good."

"I'm not..." He answers somberly. "You want to know what happened?"

In reality, I'm not sure if I do, yet I still nods at him.

"That thing, it was a ghost. I hunt them." he says in all seriousness.

"Why... how?"

"Because they've hurt someone dear to me before... I have to finish last night's job..."

"Then, I'll help you."

"You don't ha--"

I cut him off "I insist."


When we reached the local cemetery, after a half hour of walking, it was still raining ferociously, without help, he climbed the fence and then gave me his hand, helping me do so too.

He led us to the back of the place, after retrieving a shovel he claimed to have stashed there previously.

"What is it we have to do?"

"Destroy the ghost's body. During the day, she can't come out so she'll be trapped and when it breaks, it'll force her into sunlight."

"Ok..." I respond, not sure what to think at that point. "Do... do you do that often?"

He nods and stops before a grave, marked with an X with chalk. "This is here. I confronted her to see which girl it was that did it."

He tosses me a flashlight and say "There only one shovel so you'll provide lighting." For a while, I simply watched him dig up the twelve years old corpse. Until he reached the coffin and climbed out of the pit.

Out of his bag, he emptied a can of lighter fluid on the grave and lighted it. The coffin and corpse burned with blue fire and a piercing shriek resonated all thorough the graveyard. The ghost left the shelter of it's grave and twisted around burned by the admittedly dim sunlight.
"You! What do you think you're doing?" Screamed a voice behind us.

A middle aged man, probably the grave keeper approached us and the desecrated tomb. "What sick game is this?" He asked, seeing the hole in the ground.

He and Grey stared at each others and my friend claimed "Nothing. Mind helping us fill the hole back?"

The man blinked and took the shovel "Of course."

My friend dragged me by the sleeve and got us out of there.

"How did you do that?"

"His mind was weak. I dominated him."

"You what?"

"I can do things. You've seen me vanish. I just control the weak minded’s mind. To others I can still make myself invisible. I'm still there, you just don't notice me."

"Oh..." I whispered, rather confused.

"I have to go home now."

"Wait!" I said, handing him my umbrella "Take it, or you'll freeze to death."


"I've got a coat. You don't" I replied.

He took it and turned around, walking one step before turning around and facing me again. "By the way..."

He stepped forward and our lips met, under the rain, we kissed, at first with awkward reservation but then with passion. That, was my first time... It went on in silence as my heart sped up, so much I thought it would explode. I savored the experience until he slowly broke off from me.

"Sorry..." He said "I needed to validate a theory..." He said walking off as I stood dumb founded in the cemetery and the cold September rain washing over me.

The End

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