I sit alone on the concrete floor of my house's basement. My parents have left a while ago. They didn't even try to make me go to school. I guess they've given up on me after I refused treatments.

I hate them.

"Yet you tolerate them... Let them lives" says the being that hovers next to me.

"Shut up."

The shadow serpent, lands on me, sliding on my bareskin, passing right through my clothes, I feel the cold ness of it's scales, the hatred that it posseses inside of itself. The hatred that I fed over the years.

"Isn't this why you conjured me?" She asks, her voice like an anguished wail.

"You know why I summoned you." I reply "To take vengeance."

"Then kill them! Dominate them! Destroy their minds!"

"Stop it!" I yell at her.

Next to me, the serpent takes another shape, becoming a twelve years old girl, dressed in an inky dress that flows in a pool onto the ground.

"I thought you loved me! That you wanted to help me!" She pouts.

"I did. But that was when you were Marianne. My Mary. Not this thing you've become. You're just a specter, a shadow of her."

Next to me, she begins crying, or rather, she pretends to. There's no emotions left in that spiritual husk other than rage and anger.

"Is it because of that boy? Do you love him? More than me?" She cries out. Reading my mind through the mental link we share.

"Just shut up, leave me, I need to be alone." I snarl at her.

She disappear into a cloud of smoke and leave via the window, to god knows where. I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have tried to raise her spirit. Now, it clings to me like a parasite, a sycophant of my negative emotions. I fed her angst, anger and sorrow and she did the same to me.ç

But now my thoughts go back to Lucas. Why did I help him, why did I tagged him along, Why did I expose him to the danger and why of all thing did I kiss him?

Did I even like guys?

I'd never even considered it before. I'd alway thought about girls before, before Mary, after, I just stopped thinking about it. Building a wall around my heart and mind.

My fists slam as hard as I can into the concrete wall. It hurts, but I can manage it. Pain is a good distraction...

I can't stay here. I need to go out before I destroy something...

The End

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