Coming back to lifeMature


"Are you alright?" my father asked

"Yeah. why?"

"I don't know, you seem so cheerful today. Usually, you treat the morning like funerals."

I shrugs at that comment, finishing the rest of my breakfast. Was I really that different today? Was it because I finally had made a friend? I kind of liked grey he was... I blushed so heavily, thinking about the kiss last night. It was just on the cheek... It didn't mean anything right?

"Did Lou, (which is my nickname at home) get himself a lady friend?" My sister asked, teasing me.

I shook my head vigorously. Of all my family, only Martin, my older brother knows my secret.

"...It's not like that." I asnwer her timidly.

I begin cleaning the table just as my father tell the girls to get ready, the bus was almost there. Thing is, my sisters are now all in college or in the case of the youngest (still a year above me) was in an all-girl private school. I had been offered private school, but my brother and I had declined, preffering to stay with our friends...

I looked at the clock. 8:30, I still had ten minutes to get ready. I grabbed my backpack just as something fell out of it; Grey's brush, I hadn't given it back to him, I smiled and ran it across my messy curly waves that was called my hair.

"You're definatly crushing on someone." My brother said, with a smile.

I jumped in surprise and faced him, my chest feeling tight and hot. My brother and I looked alot alike with the exception of him reaching over six and a half feet.

"Who's the lucky one?" He asked.

I had always loved my Martin, he kept my secrets and was a great person to confide to. I sat on the bed and mumbled.

"I don't know... I just met him yesterday, he's called Grey and he's... Cute, But do I like him or do I just find him cool? I'm confused right now."

"You don't have to figure it out right now. Give it time" He said smiling kindly and wrapping his arm around me, and I hugged back. "Alright you've got to go, it's almost nine." He claimed, pushing me out of the room with my backpack and a proper coat this time.


Grey wasn't there at school today.

I really wished he was here, I wouldn't have spent the entire day alone, but atleast nobody bothered me. Even the jock in my class left me alone. Maybe he was afraid of him? He didn't have a lot of weight or muscle, but he sure packed a heavy kick.

He was really my only friend, when I had came out, a lot of girls had suddenly taken an interest in me, but that hadn't lasted long. Why is it that just because I like boys people think I like girly stuff too?

I wonder what Grey likes? Metal, grunge? Why was he so interested in the rumored ghost, that apparently was real... I sighed deeply, annoyed. So much questions, so little answers.

Once the last bell rung, I walked back into the rain, heading back for home. I wonder where Grey lives?

The End

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