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I can feel Lucas's heart beating. He smells of nervousness and fear. I hold his hand so I can guide him. Without waiting a second, I dash to the left, dragging him along. He doesn't trip, which is good.

I can see he's scared but I can't do anything about it. Out of my pocket, I take out my knife, a carbon steel butterfly knife. I wish I had better, but it's all I got for now...


The ghost bombards us with watery spears, leaving small holes in the wall of the pool. I shoulder knocked the door to the boy's dressing room and leave Lucas there.

"Wait for me!" I say to him, letting go of his hand.

Why did I bring him with me? I should have shooed him off...

Bolts of steel hard water pass right by me and she and I gaze at each other, my eyes into her empty orbits.

Everything goes silent, the contact begins a new type of fight. Both of us bombard the other with emotions and memories.

I see her best friend's betrayal, stealing her boyfriend. And I send her my childhood's traumas, the first time I fought a ghost, the possession of my best friend.

I feel her drowning after being pushed in the pool by her rival, it hurts, but I've felt worse. I reply to that with the pain of my first stab wound, courtesy of a poltergeist. Her watery body spasm with the pain and I grin.

She changes tactics, and we begin pulling each other's memories out. I forces her to relive the abuse she took from her stepsister...

But now I relive the worse...


"Grey!" The girl cries.

"Leave her alone!" I yell as shadowy tentacles slowly crawls on her skin. I am twelve. I'm in love at that time. I don't know why, but in the last month, I've began seeing things...

Things that aren't real. Ghosts and memories that still walk the earth. Why me? Now, something had been haunting me. Not just a memory of someone, but something intelligent. I can fell it's malevolence...

My mum thinks I need to see the docs, that I'm just seeing things and I need help.

But I'm not crazy, the thing is now, attacking Mary, my girlfriend. The long slender humanoid drips darkness like a wet dog does with water. It smashes me against the basement's wall, holding me there as it takes delight in tormenting her.

It's appendages, forces their way into her mouth, eyes, nose and ears. Inside, he pulls her psyche to shreds. When it lets her go, she falls limply on the floor. The being turn it's sight upon me and our gaze locks.

For the first time, I experience psychic combat. Unlike Mary, I could defend myself. The lights in the driveway, just outside the window lights up. Motion detector activating it. Her parents are home and the thing just shrieks at me before leaving.

My girl is unconscious. When the door open, I take her to them, begging them to help. That night, she's reeled into the hospital by an ambulance.

"What happened Grey?" her father asks

"I don't know..." I lie, crying...

From that night on, she began night terrors every nights, her bedding were bloodied by the raking of her nails against her skin. After that one visit, I never saw her again. She had died of a heart attack in the night...


My whole body shook and I fell on my knees, overcame by the pain of the emotional scars that the ghost had just been reopened. The spirit above me is in glee, with one of it's water tendrils, it drags me into the pool.

Air leaves my lung and water replace it. It burns so badly. The ghost girl looks at me, victoriously from above.

Down in the cold water, I'm dying, drowning like the previous victims. I shouldn't have dragged Lucas into this. I'm an idiot...

All of a sudden, I see him leaping off the pools edge, at the ghost. The spirit hadn't noticed him but it was incorporeal, he wouldn't touch it.

He goes right through it and... The being howl in pain, exploding into blue sparks. I felt the pressure keeping me down and I used the last of my strength to float up...

Everything fades to black, but I was fairly certain I felt his arms dragging me out.
I brutally regain consciousness, throwing up all the chlorinated water I had swallowed on the

ground. My vision all blurred, I see Lucas above me, performing first aid.

Mouth to mouth... Awkward...

He helps me up and we both sit down by the wall.

"Is it dead?" He asks

"No... But I know how to do it..." I respond between two cough.

"How did you do that?"

He flashed out my butterfly knife. "Using this. You took it out, I figured it could affect it."

I smiled at him and for a second we looked at each other and I don't know why, but my lips met his cheek.

"Thank you..." I whispered to his ear.

I stood up and vanished before his eyes, a trick I had learn a while ago.

I needed time alone...

The End

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