Usually, I always left class after everyone had already done so and hanged around the obscure corners of the school until it was clear for me to go. But that afternoon, I had to talk to him, The boy with the gray eyes.

He walks quickly, but not toward the exit, instead he goes down a flight of stair that led to the gymnasium.

"You don't have to stalk me you know." He said, calling me out. "You can come down and talk to me."

I went down to the lower floor and faced him. finally having a good close look at him, in class, we were sitting at opposite corners, I was in front, he was in the back so I hadn’t gotten a very good look at him.

Around his neck, his headphones screamed loud enough for me to hear Slipknot yelling their lungs out. He was wearing the same t-shirt than earlier but now had a messenger’s bag slid over his shoulder.

"Enjoying the view?" He says with a mocking smile.

"Eh... I...Hm..." I babbled out, flustered, my face red as a tomato.

"Take your time."

I took a deep breath and finally spoke "I wanted to thank you for this morning..."

"No problem--"

Next to us, the door was bashed open, and Jock who had annoyed me in class came in.
"There you are, together just like two love birds." He pointed at the other boy and said "I'm going to demolish your ass, you fag."

He swung a right hook at him, but the much smaller guy dodged it. Gray eyes then, simply kicked him in the lower leg, on the bone. The jock, crashed down on the tile floor. He lifted himself up but fell right down, not able to move his leg.

"Scram, idiot." The dark haired one threw at him. He then looked at me and said "Let's get out of here."

I saw the jock slowly crawl away from us. While the guy who helped me led us to the pool, getting us right in. After fiddling with the lock for a second, it opened up.

"I'm Grey by the way."

"Lucas... Lucas Tanner"

"Cute name." he said teasing me, a smile on his lips.

We walked into the natatorium which was empty at this hour.
"Since you want to hang out with me, there's one thing you must know..." He said, searching for something in his bag.

"What is it?"

He lobbed something at me, which I catch by reflex. It was a small hair brush.

"How to use a brush. You look like a troll doll."

I awkwardly acknowledged the fact and meekly fixed my hair which I hadn't taken care of in a while.

"Much better." He declared satisfied. "Now, you look human."

I wasn't sure how to take that one so I changed subject on him. "So... what are we doing here?"

"I'm searching for something. It'll only happen at night so. If you aren't in, you should bail out now."

I took out my phone and sent a message to my father "With new buddy, I'll B late."
"I'm staying." I said.

"Suit yourself." he said, tossing me a bag of chips. "It'll be a very long evening
"What are we looking for?"

"There were five people that drowned here in the last ten years. All excellent swimmers. People say it's a ghost. I'm curious to see if it's true."

We chatted a bit for over too hours, we shared back stories. He explained that he kept changing school as his parents always moved around. On the other hand, I told him about how I was living with a single father and an army of sisters and a brother, of which I was the youngest.

"I have to ask you Lucas" He said after a while "Are you crushing on me?"

"Eh... I..." I was so flustered I couldn't answer, but my expression probably gave the answer away.

I began again. "I th--"

A wailing shriek exploded into the room, covering up the rest of my sentence. The sound wave was strong enough to create to send our hair and trash flying.

"It's beginning." Gray announced, perfectly relaxed.
What was beginning? I needed answers!

Out of the water, the body of a young girl rose, I could see through it. Was that a ghost? Did ghosts exist?

At that moment,Goosebumps ran across my arms and my hands shook. I was terrified of what I saw.

I felt gray's hand take mine, our fingers entwining.  

"Pull yourself together. We've got things to do." He said, and my torso was invaded with a warm feeling.

The End

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