Lost in GrayMature

WARNING: Gay romance
If you are incomfortable with that, don't read it or grow up.

Lucas, is a tormented teen at school for his sexual orientation, he lives miserably until one day, he meets the school's newest student; Grey, a kid who's past clings to him like a parasite.

Two teens lost in the gray of depression will struggle for love but also survival from what creeps in the shadows...

Mature; Suggestive content, violence, drug & alcohol uses, sexual content & crude language

I hate school.

I hate all of it; the classes, the people, the old building. I used to love it. Back when it was fun, when I wasn't that kid nobody talked to except to hassle him, back when I had friends. Last year, my brother was there, protecting me but now he's in college.

I'm 15 and alone in this world. Life sucks.  I just want to crawl into a corner and die...
This is what I think as I walk to school this morning, the rain and obscurity accenting my mood. My whole body shivers with cold, I didn't take an umbrella and I'm wearing a hoodie and cargo pants that are now soaked with the freezing rain of September. I didn't care, if I get sick, it would be a good excuse to stay home.

The year has just started and I'm already tired of it. Last year hadn't been bad until I made a mistake that turned it all into a nightmare. All I did was open my heart and revealed what I had held for the last four previous ones.

I had told my best friend I had a crush on him.

I ended up going home that day with a broken nose and my entire clique hating me. What was so damn wrong about liking other boys? Is having the right breasts and body parts all that counts in love?

Finally, I reach the school, wet right down to the bone. Yet I’m still wondering if I could stay outside until the last minute to avoid idiots, however, the bell rings announcing that I'm already late. Darn. I rush inside, right to my locker, struggling to open it.

"Look who it is gang" says the voice who's owner I had tried to avoid in the last few days since school began.

"Josh, just leave me alone." I respond, passively

"Why should I do that? Fuckin' poof?" He spits out, smashing his hand on the locker next to me. Two of my other ex-friends in toe.

I sigh deeply. I know what's coming. His two goons grab me by the arms, I don't even attempt to struggle it's pointless. Better just go on with it.

"You made me look like a dumb-ass last year" He barks "People thought I liked queers like you."

The first punch went right to my stomach and I gasped for air as my lungs were emptied of their content by the blow. "It's just pain." I said to myself. "It'll stop. They'll get bored." I was not afraid of them. It's the one thing that I could do. They could hurt me, but they couldn't break me.

Josh's knee then smashed right into my genitals and I fell to the ground holding my crotch in pain. The two lackeys, David and Mike joined in, happily kicking and stomping on me. The pain was unbearable but I forced myself not to cry, bitting my lips hard enought to taste blood... I wouldn't give them that satisfaction...

"Stop!" Came a guy's voice.

The four of us looked at the new guy. The jerk squad stopping their relentless assault.

A bored looking guy in ripped jeans and a baggy Nirvana T-shirt faced them. Staring with cold gray eyes, half hidden by long and flat dark hairs. He didn't even look like he would put up a fight, hands burried in his pockets.

"You want to help the little fag?" Josh said. The bullies chuckled at that.

Gray eyes boy simply answered them with a shrug and said "Don't you guys have better things to do?"

With a moment of looking at each others the thugs just responded "Yeah. Let's go back to class." They claimed in unison, walking off...

"Are you ok?" My savior asked nonchalantly.

My body hurt all around, they hadn't hit my face, the wound would have been to obvious to see. "I'm alright" I lied. I looked at the opposite hallway where the bully had gone. They weren't in sight anymore.

"Next time, Stand up for yourself."

I look back at him, but he was gone. Nowhere in sight...

He was odd... But he was also kind of cute... My entire face reddened at that thought but thankfully, nobody could see me, especially him...

The End

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