Hi my name is Diana. Last summer, my closest friends and I had received an invitation for our former classmate’s party. Dialana, was turning 16, her parents had organized a huge ‘Coming of Age’ bash for her. Alana (Dialana’s nickname) was really excited about the party. She invited all of us, a month before the bash and asked us to help her to pick a formal gown for her ceremony, we accompanied her to an exclusive boutique selling exquisite gowns and formal evening wear and saw dresses and gowns which were eye popping, it was a sight that we had never seen before. Alana chose a very formal and traditional costume for the occasion.


However, later that day, we all noticed that Alana was very aloof and seemed to have something on her mind, kind of down and out of focus, but we thought that she might be tired or distracted about something, Alana did notice our concern and would then put on a fake smile and pretend that all was well, she suggested that we all dine with her family at her home. We readily agreed to her invite.


While we were waiting for our meal, we could not fail to notice Alana’s crestfallen expression on her face and she had tears in her eyes, which soon dripped and then poured down from her huge, round, deep blue eyes.


I rushed to her side and shot a volley of questions across to her “what’s wrong ? why are you crying ? etc. I had asked her some many questions so quickly that she did not know which one to answer first, she began with “actually I am crying because…….”, but  before she could complete her sentence, a bear-like voice growled out aloud, “dinner is now served”, I was scared and just ran back to my place on the table.


My eyes were hurting, so many varieties of dishes, I was quite hungry by then so without much delay, I began to serve portions from each dish onto my plate, till it was full; I started with the entrée, Prawns in Chilli sauce (they seemed to be the largest I had seen in a while, about the size of my hand), then moved on to the main course, which was sweet and fragrant Pineapple Rice, every grain was filled with the aroma of the fruit, which was followed by Chicken-in-Pandan-leaf, a traditional Indonesian delicacy, the Chicken was gifted with mild spices in soya sauce.


When we finished eating our meal, a bearer came to clear up out table and I thought that I had seen the last of our meal, when a few minutes later, Victor, Alana’s family Chef came into the dining room carrying a large bowl of something which was in flames, I later found out that it was Baked Alaska our dessert was on hand and it was the perfect and delicious ending to our hearty meal.


We were the escorted by Alana to our individual guest rooms, the bed was quite decent with a runner covering the mattress, a pillow and a teddy bear to hug and the room itself was decorated with a floral patterned wall paper from floor to ceiling, adding color to the room. Alana wished me good night and softly closed the door to the room.

I was unable to sleep because I was worried about Alana. I tossed and turned, unlike usual, at one point I felt like I had fallen asleep for about an hour or so, but that sleep didn’t last long. I woke up in the middle of the night I was finally able to make up my mind. I decided to pay a visit to Alana’s room. I slowly walked out of my room and shut the door that made a screeching noise. Since I had never been to Alana’s home before I was unable to figure out which room Alana lived in, to handle that sticky situation, I just peeked into each and every room I came across. I had been to every room in the corridor near my room. The next corridor that I entered was pitch dark, spooky and creepy. As soon as I entered the first room located to my right, was very dark and looked huge, suddenly without a warning the door shut, in spite of all my efforts, I was unable to turn the handle of the door, I was terrified and tired and in no time my body slid to the floor and my eyes shut and I had fallen asleep to see the dreams I was destined to.


Next morning I woke up to see that I was lying beneath a tree as tall as a twelve storey building. I turned my stiff head to the left, to my surprise I saw a beautiful waterfall, I went close to it but suddenly I tripped over a rock and noticed blood gushing down my knee as fast as a river going through a valley. I ran towards the waterfall and started washing my knee with the water, in just a few seconds, my wound disappeared. I was surprised!


Suddenly, I started feeling hungry, but I said to myself that I really need to get out of this place, and in order to do that, I needed to forget all my hunger and sleepiness. I started on a long and winding road and saw a girl standing quite a distance away, I started to run and in two seconds I had reached that spot where the girl was standing. I was shocked, but how could I have done that. I am such a slow runner. I hesitantly put my hand on her shoulder, she quickly turned around, “Alana!” I said. As soon as she opened her mouth I saw teeth like a vampire and I screamed as loudly as I could, then I ran as fast as I could, in the opposite direction, but this time I was not running fast enough. I was starting to think I was dreaming I pinched myself to see, but I was not dreaming.

The End

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