Lost History of the Jedi.

  Luke had been meditating in his quarters at the former Imperial Palace on Coruscant for over an hour. He had been practicing centering techniques for weeks, looking to clear his thoughts, sharpen his focus and to help hear the will of the Force. Luke had been considering the future of the Jedi, the rebuilding of the Republic and the continuing war against the last remnants of the Empire.

  "You're not the last of the Jedi, Luke, but the first of the new." Obi-Wans' final words to Luke as a force ghost had lingered with him for a long time. Luke had still been learning the ways of the Force long after his training with Obi-Wan and Master Yoda had ended. Anything new that Luke had learned was gained from his own experience out on the field. He had no instructors, no resources, no fellow Jedi from which to learn from. Luke was forced to stick to his own guns.      

  It was a path that Luke had to walk alone, even though he hoped that Obi-wan and Yoda would always be with him. Yoda instructed him to passed on what he had learned. Luke had, for years, not felt up to speed for that particular task.

  Luke knew that he was destined to train others in the ways of the Jedi, but he felt that he lacked many of the particular tools and know-how that the Old Jedi Order possessed. The Empire had taken great pains to wipe out all existence of the knowledge which the Jedi possessed. Luke had visited the old temple on Coruscant shortly after the Alliance liberation of capital world, and found only empty databanks in the temple library. Palpatine wanted to ensure that the order would never rise again, so any knowledge or wisdom of the Force and techniques gained by the Jedi were purged from the permanent record, unless it was information which was valuable to the Empire. 

  All Luke had to pass on were the limited instruction of his two Jedi mentors, his experiences with Darth Vader and the Emperor, and any new discoveries of the Force he had made himself along the way. Luke wasn't sure just when he'd be suitable to train others in the ways of the Force. Obi-Wan,  by his own admission, mistakenly thought that he would prove to be just a capable a teacher to his father as Yoda, only to have Anakin fall to the dark side.

  Luke had far less experience as a Jedi than Obi-Wan, and virtually no experience teaching others in the ways of the Force. Luke didn't want to repeat the mistakes of the past. He gave his twin sister, Leia, some limited training, but Luke had to find others who were strong in the Force who could become full fledged Jedi.

  Luke wasn't sure how he'd be able to serve as a mentor to others, when he himself still had much to learn. What was worse, he wasn't entirely sure how much farther he really had to go.

  He was, however, the only Jedi in the galaxy, and he knew that he must plant the first seeds from which a new order would spring. The future of the galaxy depended on it, of that Luke was certain. But how was he going to do it all alone?

  One thing was clear, Luke was destined to spend his whole adult life cleaning up the vast mess his father and the Emperor had wraught on the galaxy. And he felt in someways powerless, unprepared for the vast mission that lay ahead of him.

  All he could take comfort in was that the Force would help guide him, and that he would learn and draw strength from it. He had hoped to learn more guidance from his two masters who had become one with the Force, but they had remained mostly silent.

  Luke was clearly expected to learn on his own.    



The End

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