Forever with Her and Always Close to HeartMature

            Clare approached the intersection of 12th and 66th only to find multiple cop cars and two separate ambulances stationed beside the bus stop. "Please don't be Adamar...please please please" She didn't even bother parking beside the curb as Clare opened her door and jumped out of the car.
"Ma'am, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave the premises." An older looking cop, around the age of 40, stood before Clare and gestured towards her tired Mustang.
"That might be my friend in there!" Clare shoved the cop aside and ran towards the ambulance in all out fear.
"No......." Clare placed her hands over her mouth as she stood before two young men lying on the ground, blood seeping from their cold lifeless bodies.
"Ma'am, do you know these two men?" The 40 year old cop walked up behind Clare and placed his left hand firmly on Clares' shoulder.
"Ye...yes..." Clare could barely suppress her tears as she spoke, "That one.." She pointed at the mans body with blood dripping from his forehead, "Is Stephen Williams..." Clare shook her head in pain "And that" She couldn't hold back her tears anymore as sobs broke through and escaped through her lips.
"It's alright Ma'am, you can tell us the rest later" The cop began to lead Clare towards her Mustang. "No...I'm not leaving his side again....not again.." Clare shrugged off the cops hand and did a 180 turn and ran towards Adamars bloodied body.
"I'm not leaving your side...not like you did mine...four years ago.." Clare fell to her knees beside Adamar and shook her head in sorrow.
"We don't know what exactly happened..." A young cop approached Clare and spoke softly, "We are assuming that the man in full black attacked the other man."
Clare looked up and glared at the young cop, "How could you say that?!"
"The man beside you was holding the knife that was used to stab them both, we presume that he killed the other man and then committed suicide." The young cop turned and returned to the ambulance to obtain the carrier for Adamars' body.
"Adamar would never kill Stephen...I know...or rather..knew him well enough to know why?"  Clare stood and backed up to allow the paramedics to place Adamars' body on the carrier and begin heading back to the ambulance.
"It doesn't make sense...." Tears ran down her cheeks as she watched the cops close the ambulance doors and race off into  the distance towards Bedres only Hospital on the other side of the city.


   Many hours later Clare sat alone on the couch in the same house she'd been living in for four years now, her eyes red and puffy from crying nonstop ever since the ambulance raced away with her two best friends bloodied bodies. "I never even got to say I hate him for leaving...." She chuckled and dropped her head into her hands "Who am I kidding...I could never hate him..."  RIIINGGGGGGGGG!!!! RIIINNNNGGGGGGGGGG!! The sound of the landline ringing startled Clare,
"Yes, is this Clare Beaumont?" Asked the lady on the other end.
"Uh huh, Can I ask who's calling?"
"I have records here in the Medical Journals, that you have a heart condition that puts you at severe risk of sudden heart failure. Is this information true?"
Clare remained silent for a few long seconds, "Yes...but I'm 21 now, that condition was diagnosed to me 5 years ago, but I've been perfectly fi-"
"I was told to inform you that we have found an eligible heart donor for you Clare. Please report to Bedre County Hospital immediately for surgery. With every passing second your at greater risk of heart failure." The lady on the other end hung up the phone, leaving Clare speechless. "Guess I'd better go...."


         "I'm here for a heart transplant I think? Names Clare Beaumont" She stood before the receptionists desk nervously.
"Down the hall and to the left, you'd better go quickly" The old lady replied sternly
  Clare walked down the hall and turned to her left at the first door.
"Clare Beaumont?" Asked the surgeon.
"Yes..." Clare was beginning to grow tired of people asking who she was.
"Before the surgery is commenced, the donor would like to speak to you, right this way please"

           "Clare....I thought I'd never see you again..." A raspy voice spoke from the bed in the center of the room.
"Adamar!! Oh my god, I thought you were dead!!" Clare rushed to Adamars side and placed her hand on his cheek.
He shook his head slowly, "Not before I could leave my mark..."
Clare shook her head, "You already did by leaving me four years ago you asshole" She smiled, "Yet I still love you...please, stay with me."
Adamar smiled and placed his hand on Clares cheek, "Clare, there's one thing left for me to do here..." He took a deep breath and spoke again, "You need a healthy heart and I'm the only one around who is compatible with your'm giving my heart to you Clare, so you may live."
Clare stared speechlessly at Adamar for a few moments before she responded, "No! You can't do that! You nee-"
Adamar cut her off, "No Clare, you need it now more than me, your risk for sudden heart failure has risen greatly and I'm already dying...just take my gift..."
"Ma'am, it's time we begin" The surgeon walked up to Clare and inserted a small needle into her arm.
"Now will all be over soon.."Adamar spoke for the surgeon as Clare passed out and fell into the surgeons arms.


             "uugh...where am I?"  Clare opened her eyes and blinked a few times as she tried to adjust to the dim light of the room. "huh? What's this?" Her fingers brushed a sheet of paper on her stomach.
"Go ahead, read it darling" A voice spoke from beside the bed.
Clare turned her head and found, sitting beside her, was her mother.
"I can wait the letter" Clares mother gestured towards the paper in Clares hands.

  Dear Clare, My One True Love,

         If your reading this then I am dead. But of course I was already dead long before this day, I died four years ago on the night that I left you my love. Yet, now you will live to see many more days, the sky is no longer your limit Clare, I gave you my heart so that you may live a long and happy life without the risk of sudden heart failure. Just think of it this way, you'll always have my heart with you and I'll always have yours. (I requested that they put your heart where mine used to be.) All my belongings belong to you now Clare, even my heart. And the tragedy with Stephen was due to him attempting to kill me and claim you for himself, but I would not allow it.  You are MINE, but now that I am are free to do as you will... You'll always have my heart and love, both literally and figuratively .

Forever and Always, Adamar Knight

 The End

The End

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