Four Years LaterMature

      Four years crept by for Adamar as he continued to hide from his lover Clare. Four dreadfully painful years of doing anything and everything possible to avoid the one true love of his life. Yet no matter how much he tried or tries, one cannot sway fates strong hand.

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       Clare sat in her new Ford Mustang at the busy intersection of 12th and 66th waiting on the painstakingly slow traffic light when a young man who appeared to be around the age of 20 caught her eye. Knowing the red light wouldn't be changing to green anytime soon she leaned over the steering wheel and squinted her eyes to get a better look at this young man. He sat at the bus stop all alone in full black, the only skin showing was that of his tanned arms and face, yet he gave off a strong vibe that Clare swore she had felt long ago, perhaps even four years ago. "There's something about him...that makes me want to go talk to him.."  She glimpsed down at the stereo clock as it read 13:00 "I've still got plenty of time to spare before I have to go to work...guess maybe I could pull over and talk to him."  At last the forever red light flickered to a faint green so Clare lightly tapped the gas as the Mustangs engine revved quietly to itself, after crossing the intersection she pulled up parallel to the curb and killed the engine "Relax's just some random man that....that makes your heart skip a few beats...."  She took a deep breath and opened her door, setting her black dress shoes onto the old concrete road. The young man glanced up from his newspaper and watched Clare approach, "Is that....fear in his eyes?" She tried to remember how she looked today, but she couldn't fully remember surprisingly. "I hope I don't scare him...I'm probably just seeing things."

"Hello there, I was just passing by when I noticed you sitting here all alone so I figured...ummm...If you uh..would like some company?" Clares' voice shook slightly from nervousness.

The young man shifted uncomfortably as he folded his Sunday Paper "Well ummm..the bus should be arriving shortly so you don't have to stay, I'm sure you've got better things to do than wait at an old shitty bus stop with a man you don't know right?"

"His voice....I've heard it before....but from where?" "Nah, it's only 1:10ish, I got an hour before I gotta be at work" Clare decided to go ahead and sit down beside this mysterious young man, "So I guess I'll just wait on the bus with you..Actually! Where are you headed?"

"Nowhere in particular..." The man replied.

"Nowhere?" Clare asked confused.

"Yeah, nowhere." He replied simply.

"So...then why are you waiting on the bus?" She asked.

"I dunno..." The young man continued, "I just sit out here everyday and wait on the bus, then when if arrives I climb aboard and ride it all over town until it's final stop."

Clare tilted her head as if inquiring information from the man "Where's the final stop?"

"Here." The man looked up and sighed, "The bus is here, I guess I'll be going now"

He stood and held out his strong hand "Tis a pleasure to meet you Clare"
"How'd he know my name??" Clare took the young mans hand in her slender hand and he shook firmly before he released and turned towards the awaiting bus.

"Hey!" Clare shouted although the man was just a few feet away

"Yes?" The man turned and gazed at Clare with his deep green eyes

"My god....his eyes are ask the question" "How'd you know my name sir?"

He shrugged and turned back towards the buses door, "You just seemed like a Clare" He climbed aboard the white city bus and nodded to the driver as the doors shut behind him and the bus moved on towards its next stop.

        "I just seemed like a Clare?...that's.....convenient..." Clare shook her head in confusion as her now black hair fell in her face and tickled her nose, "The way he shook my reminded me of him....he reminded me of Adamar from when we first met..." She approached her Mustang and opened the driver side door "It was firm yet....loving.." She climbed into her vehicle and shut the door gently "Oh well....I'm just imagining things right?" She put the key into the ignition and brought the engine to life once more. "Oh my god! Time flies! I gotta get to work! It's already 1:30!" Clare hit the gas and the Mustang accepted the challenge of speed and raced down the empty street towards the Bedre Times Headquarters where Clare Beaumont worked...

The End

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