Stephen Lies to ClareMature

    Clare drove into Stephens driveway and quickly killed the engine, "Please...please know where he is..." She opened her door with what little strength remained with her and set her feet onto the hard concrete ground.
"Ah Clare! It's so good to see you! What brings you here my dear?"
Stephen sat on the top of his stairs leading to his house with a broad smile on his face. "At least someones happy..." Clare thought to herself as she strode up to the stairs leading to Stephen
"Stephen...I need to ask you something..."
"Are you finally proclaiming your secret desire for me?" He asked jokingly
"Haha No. I need to know if you know where Adamar is though" Clare stood before Stephen with pain and sorrow in her blue eyes
"What happened to him? Did he go poof?" Stephen tilted his head and gazed quizzically at Clare
" this" She handed Stephen the letter from Adamar.
"mmm..." Stephen took the paper in his hands and began to read it.
"I....see....well Clare, I'm sorry to say I don't know where he is..I figure he woulda come here but..It seems he didn't..." He returned the letter to Clares' empty hands and sighed, "But if  there's ANYTHING I can do for you, just lemme know 'kay?"
Clare allowed a small smile to spread across her face, "thanks Stephen" She took a step closer to him and kissed him on the cheek "I'll be sure to remember that"

    Stephen stood at the top of his porch stairs watching Clare get back into Adamars car and drive off. " owe me big time...I just lied straight to Clares face and she kissed me on the cheek for it...damn you to hell man....damn you to hell" He sighed and shook his head as he reached for his cell phone and Jack Daniel. "I guess I'd better call you to let you know huh.." As he placed the phone to his ear he took a swig of his drink.
"Hello? Stephen?"
"Sup Adamar, your girl was just here, and I just lied to her face...curse you bro..curse you" Slight despair in Stephens usually gruff voice.
"Thank you Stephen...take care of her 'kay?" Adamars voice was stricken with pain as he said goodbye and hung up the phone. "Well....looks like I did my part...time to settle down" Stephen  opened his front door and entered his living room heading straight for the couch. "Ahhhhh.....much better" He sighed aloud as he sunk back into the comfy pillows of his mega couch and threw his head back downing his Jack Daniel.

The End

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