Adamar Requests for a LieMature

      Adamar walked slowly down the never ending sidewalk alone with only a nutrition bar as his breakfast meal. I'm almost there....thank the maker He could see Downtown Bedre from his location now, it's majestic beauty slapping him in the face. It's amazing how beautiful it was, it was a paradise for all ages and all kinds. Adamar continued his journey that he'd been on for the past 5 hours until he reached a bus stop on the outskirts of Downtown. Hmmmm....wonder if I could get a ride to Stephens place...hopefully he's still there. He thought to himself as he rummaged through his messenger bag searching for 75 cents. Ah Hah! There it is! Withdrawing his hand he pulled out three quarters and flipped them over to look at the picture engraved on the tails side. Already have these in my collection...oh well. Adamar sighed and sat down on the single bench that was shaded by the underfunded bus stop pavilion. 15 Minutes later the bus arrived and opened it's shady doors, as if  allowing you to waltz to your demise.

     Stephen sat outside on his porch enjoying the peaceful sound of cars driving by and downtown bustle, a small glass of wine in his right hand and a cigar in his left.

"Yo Stephen! Long time no see huh?" Stephen quickly glances around his yard searching for that familiar voice when his eyes fell upon a worn looking young man.

"Adamar? Is that you? Dude, you look like you've been to hell and back"

 Adamar nods and gestures towards the wine in Stephens hand, "Do you mind?"

 Stephen holds out the glass as Adamar takes it and downs the remaining quart in one gulp, "Haven't had a single thing to drink all mornin, I thought I was bout to die on the way here"

 Adamar laughs slightly, although his face showed he was in pain and worn to the bone. Stephen turns and opens his front door then gestures Adamar inside "come inside bro, you look like your bout to drop dead at any moment"

Adamar smiles lightly and strides inside, glancing quickly around the front foyer for a place to rest. This'll do Adamar thought to himself as he plopped down onto Stephens massive couch, stretching as wide as one could spread their arms wide and at least two and a half grown men laying on their backs flat length.

"Now Adamar, since you're my unexpected guest, do you mind informing me on WHY you're here looking like you've walked all morning through a fucking rainstorm?" Before Adamar could open his mouth to reply Stephen interjected "Wait....did you walk all this way from your place??" Adamar nods and Stephen throws his arms up into the air "Why the hell did you walk?! You have a fucking car!"

        Adamar sits up and brushes the hair out of his face that had fallen in front of his eyes. "Stephen...listen to my words and listen well. Clare will most likely be here soon looking for me...and I need you to lie to her about my whereabouts, okay?" Adamar paused to allow his words to sink in as Stephen stared blankly at him "Stephen.... I did something that broke my heart, but it's better for her alright...I just need you to back me up."

        Stephen shakes his head trying to snap himself out of his trance "What the fuck did you do?" Adamar shakes his head and reaches for a lighter then lights the Black N' Mild that he'd picked up off the coffee table beside the couch, "I....I left her, it was what's best for her."

Stephen laughed a painful laugh while shaking his head back and forth, "Then WHY do I need to lie to her?" He stares directly into Adamars pain stricken eyes.

        "Because Stephen...I left in the middle of the night during the storm last night, and I left all my belongings behind so she can't track me. But I know Clare well, she'll come here after she checks with all the neighbors to find me..yet I cannot let her see me again..." Adamar sighs and lets out a stream of smoke from his cigar "She has to move on Stephen...and your going to help got it?"

       Stephen leans back in his recliner and sighs deeply "Adamar...your a dumbfuck....but I'll help you." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small slightly rusted silver key "Use this on the apartment located on 12th and 66th, room number 891." Adamar reaches out and takes the key in his hand while examining it "You can stay there however long you need, I own it, but don't tell anyone. It's my secondary retreat place."

      Adamar stands as he puts out his cigar in the ash tray on the coffee table, "Thank you Stephen... I owe you." Stephen nods as Adamar slowly walks by to the front door. "Oh! And Adamar... you have my word that I won't tell Clare where you are.... no matter how she begs"

     Adamar stops with his right hand resting on the door handle "Thank you Stephen...please...inform me how things go after she leaves..and...nevermind" He opens the door and steps outside into the cool after-a-storm air, shutting the door behind him. Stephen shakes his head and takes a drink of whiskey out of a whiskey bottle that had been sitting on the table beside him. Damn Adamar your retarded...yet, I understand what your intentions are...I only hope things go as you planned..

The End

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