Letter from a Love Forever GoneMature

   Thunder booms as the window shakes. Clare darts open her eyes and sits up as a crinkled and folded paper falls into her lap. She glances around the room trying to find her lover Adamar, but does not succeed. Lighting flashes outside and thunder shakes the house again so she jumps slightly. Glancing down at the paper in her lap Clare pulls off her covers and sets her feet lightly down onto the smooth carpet. The rain beats hard against the window as if it is trying to break into the room and steal her soul away, but she ventures across the dark room and feels for the light switch. Clare finds it and turns on the light, blinking quickly as her hazel eyes attempt to adjust. After her eyes adjust Clare looks around the room for a place to sit until she decides to take a seat in Adamars recliner, Clare reads the front of the letter and her hands begin to tremble as she unfolds the crinkled paper.

     Dear, The Love of my life Clare Beaumont

     I have come to realize that...things arn't working out to well for us right now. We've been through some ups and downs but things just arn't improving anymore. I  hope that you can move on and find happiness where you could not before. I won't be here to tie you down anymoreI won't hold you back anymore or hurt you. I love you forever and always love, don't ever forget that... But I think that it's time that I let you move on and experience real happiness. Maybe the guy you find next won't hurt you like I hurt you. Please...move on for me. I know I won't move on...but it would help YOU if you did.  May you find peace and happiness.

   I love you, Forever and Always, until the end of time and beyond.

    Signed, Your lover, Adamar Knight


    Shaking her head she jumps up and runs over to her purse, rummaging around in it for her phone. Thunder booms and the window is abused more so by the rain that threatens to bust it in. Tears roll down her face as she searches for her phone, she pulls it out and dials his number. Riiiinnnngggggggggg.......Riiiinnggggggg...  Reverse this Curse begins to play, it is his ring tone. She screams and throws her phone across the room as she runs out into the hall way towards the front door. The door swings open as she runs barefoot outside, rain drenches her nightgown. Another scream escapes her throat as she lays eyes on his car still parked outside in it's usual place under the willow tree. Rain pours down onto her body as she falls to her knees and weeps. Screams of pain erupt from within her as she looks to the dark and lifeless sky, tears streaming down her face as she grips the place over her heart tightly as if trying to tear it out. "WHY?!?" She screams again "WHY'D YOU LEAVE ME??!?!?!" The sky continues to cry with her as she drops her head into her hands and rocks herself on the razor sharp grass. Lightning flashes again, revealing the blood from her knees as she weeps.She whispers into her hands as thunder claps its majestic hands together and rain beats down on the Earth hard as if trying to crack it open "Why..why'd you leave......I....love you...."

The End

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