Lost Forever until the Always returns.Mature

How can you have "Forever and Always" without the Always?

       Rain patters lightly on the window as Adamar sits within his room. The digital clock reads 12:00 am, it's light casting a blue gloomy glow over the room. He closes the book that he was reading and sets it down on the carving engraved desk. Something shifts on the bed behind Adamar so he stands up and turns  around to face it. In the bed lies a beautiful girl of the age of 16, her shoulder length blond hair covering her slightly pale face. He sighs and places his right hand on her cheek, brushing her soft hair aside. Clare shifts slightly as her hand reaches for his but falls back down onto her chest. Adamar reaches into his back left pocket with his free hand and pulls out a crinkled folded paper, lightning flashes outside off in the distance, lighting the room for a split second to reveal what is written on the front of the paper, "To my one and only love...I'll miss you." He sighs and places the wrinkled paper as smoothly as possible into Clares hand over her chest. A tear slips from Adamars hard green eyes as he places the letter into it's final resting place. I'll miss you my love.... He thinks to himself as he strokes her face one last time, allowing the feel of her skin to linger on his finger tips. I hope you can be strong... Clare shifts again in her sleep as a moan escapes from her mouth as if she is suffering from within. Adamar leans down and brushes his lips against Clares, savoring this final kiss. She kisses back in her sleep although the internal pain builds up, becoming to much for him to take. He pulls away and lightning flashes outside the window again, briefly lighting her face. For this is the last time he'll ever see it again. "I love you Forever and Always..until the end of time and beyond."

    With those final words Adamar picks up his messenger bag and heads for the door. The rain patters down on the window harder now as the lightning speeds up it's pace from a slow march to that of a fast ticking clock. He looks over his shoulder one last time to see Clares face, her beautiful face. He lowers his head and tuns the cold lifeless door nob then steps outside into the hallway. He walks slowly past the pictures on the wall, all the pictures of him and her, as if his life is flashing before his eyes. Outside he steps, into the cold and sorrowful rain as it falls to the Earth, drowning her. Lightning flashes as thunder claps it's thunderous hands together, Adamar heads for his car but shakes his head then heads for the sidewalk on foot. With only the sound of rain and thunder to follow him on his journey he walks onwards towards Downtown Bedre. His tears of pain camouflaged by the tears of the sky as they fall down upon his face and body, drowning him in his own sorrow.

The End

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