Chapter 3Mature

We were all upstairs praying for Le-Le after we saw her being thrown down the stairs. “Do you think she’s going to be ok?” asked Brianna. “She’s going to be fine” said Robert. It was silent until we heard the commotion coming from downstairs. Le-Le was screaming and La’ Keisha was shoutin’ as we listened to them both. “Stacey stop crying” said Robert. “I can’t . . . I’m going to help her” I said as I reached for the door to open it. “No!” Robert as he grabbed me and pulled from the door, “Don’t go out of this room, because if you go down there Leshia is going to be mad at you and La’ Keisha is going to give you what she is giving Leshia, so don’t go”. “You don’t understand” I said as I begin to cry, “She’s takin’ out beatin’ for us and Robert you don’t care”. “If I didn’t care I would just say so. And how you gone say I don’t care, I care as much as you do” he said. “You sound like you don’t care” I said getting mad. “I do care” Robert said. “Will yall two stop arguing, cause none thing yall saying ain’t gone stop or help La’ Keisha from beating Leshia, so both of yall SHUT UP!” said Brianna.          

“Owwww!” Le-Le screamed from downstairs. I began to cry. “Stacey come here” said Brianna. “Ssshe’s the oonly one that wwill ttake the bblame for us and wwe ccan’t ddo none thing about it” I said as I cried into Brianna’s chest. “Maine. I wish we could do something” said Robert. “Well there’s none thing we can do right now Robert” said Brianna. I looked up and Robert slammed his fist into the wall. “Le-Le gone get you” I told him. “I don’t care. She’ll know why I put that hole in the wall.” he said. “Look yall, don’t worry about Leshia.” said Brianna, “its gunna be ok”.  The screaming and shouting faded out downstairs and it was quiet until we heard La’ Keisha say, “Clean this shit up and I don’t wanna hear a damn thang from you or them kids either”. We all ran to Le-Le’s bed when we heard her come upstairs. The next thing we heard was the door slam to her room. “Come on” said Robert “Let’s go check on her”. “No we can’t get out of bed” said Brianna. “God please let Le-Le be alive and ok, because she the only big sister/momma I got left” I said. That was the last thing Brianna and Robert heard me say until I asked, “Are we going to school tomorrow”? Brianna was the only one that answered me, “Maybe not, but it depends on how Leshia feels in the morning”. And we all fell asleep hoping and praying that Le-Le would be ok.


The End

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