Chapter TwoMature

When I hit the bottom step, which was cold against my face, I knew that I was on the floor. La’ Keisha walked around me, like she didn’t care that I was lying in the floor. She walked into the kitchen, she was rumbling for something and I already knew what she was looking for. I was up now and sitting on the couch, when she came back and I knew she had found what she was looking for. The broom was what she was looking for and she had it clutched tight in her right hand and the belt in the left hand. “I’m gunna ask you one mo time, what in the fuck was you doing in that room?” La’ Keisha asked as she put the broom to my temple like it was a gun or something. I looked up at her and said, “I was trying to make sure Brianna and Robert were sleep”. “What you lying for”? La’ Keisha said. “I’m not lying” I said getting pissed off. “If you not lying then why in the hell was that lil girl standing out in the hallway for” she said getting all up in my face. “Look La’ Keisha…” I begin, “I don’t feel like arguing with you tonight and her name is Stacey and not lil girl”. “Just who in the hell do you think you talking too”? La’ Keisha asked. Now I knew better then to talk back to grown folks but I just had to say you. “You” I said. The next thing I knew I was in the floor holding my face. “Bitch don’t you ever talk back to me like that again” said La’ Keisha, “Get yo ass up off that gotdamn floor I didn’t hit you that hard to make yo ass fall on the floor. GET UP”! I got back up and sat back down on the couch. “Naw” La’ Keisha begin, “Get yo ass up and bend over that muthafuckin’ couch and I ain’t gon say it but once”. I tried to move but decided against it.

Something in my head was telling me not to move and not to say a word cause something was about to go down between me and La’ Keisha, so I sat there. “NOW” La’ Keisha screamed at me. But it was too late to move now. La’ Keisha pulled me up by my hair and started whupping me with the belt. I started screaming like crazy as she hit me with it. “I TOLD YO ASS I WASN’T GON REPEAT MYSELF!” La’ Keisha yelled as she hit me. “LET ME GO!” I screamed as I tried to fight myself free from La’ Keisha’s grip. The belt felt like knifes cutting into my skin, with every-time she hit me. I grabbed hold of La’ Keisha’s legs in clawed at them but it only made things worst. La’ Keisha let go of my hair and then that’s when I made my move.     I jumped onto La’ Keisha’s back and started beating into her face, pulling her hair as we both fell to the floor I wrapped my legs around her waist and squeezed tight so she couldn’t go anywhere and kept pounded into her head. “WAIT UNTIL I GET A HOLD OF YO ASS. YOU GON WISH YOU NEVER LAYED YO HANDS ON ME BITCH”! La’ Keisha said still trying to fight me off of her. It took her awhile to break loose of my hold and when she did she grabbed the belt and just started swinging at me. I covered my face so she couldn’t hit me in it. I was walking backwards and fell into the couch and La’ Keisha kept swinging at me.                        

I kicked her in the stomach to stop her from hitting me. She fell to the ground and I got back on top of her and tried to beat the living daylights out of her but she had her face covered so I wouldn’t hit her in the face and the next thing I knew felt the worst uppercut in my life to the chin and I fell on the floor. La’ Keisha got up and started kicking me like I was somebody on the street who tried to jack her for her money or something. The blows to the stomach hurt like hell every-time she kicked me. I tried to get up and start swinging again but the pain in my stomach wasn’t helping me. La’ Keisha went to the corner where she laid the broom at and that’s when the real pain started to kick in. She picked up the broom that was lying in the corner of the living room and hit me hard across my legs with it. I started screaming and kicking my legs twisting and turning around in the floor. “Owwwww”! I said. “I TOLD YO ASS YOU GON WISH YOU NEVA PUT YO HANDS ON ME”! yelled La’ Keisha as she continued to beat me with the broom stick. La’ Keisha was pulling me by my arms and dragged me toward the kitchen door. She and then continued beating me, but this time with both the belt and the broom stick. I never begged La’ Keisha for anything in my life but I just had too, just this one time. “Please La’ Keisha. I’m sorry!” I cried. When I looked down at my legs bruises and welts started to appear all over my body and my bones was aching from the broom stick. I just couldn’t it any more being beatin’ for no reason at all. So I tried to get up and run and that’s when I made the biggest mistake of my life. I got up on my knees and tried to runaway but La’ Keisha got me as soon as I got on my knees. She swung and hit me in the face; the broom stick had hit me from my temple all the way to the corner of my mouth, like she in a baseball game and I was the ball and the broomstick was the bat and she was the pitcher. I fell hard to the floor and the beating was over. “Clean this shit up and I don’t wanna hear a damn thang from you or them kids either” La’ Keisha said as she through the broomstick down on my body. Her words faded in and out as I tried to understand what she said. La’ Keisha went back up-stairs and the last thing I heard was the slamming of her bedroom door and all was silent except for the hard pounding of my heart.

The End

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