Chapter OneMature

I was deep in my sleep when I heard someone calling my name and tapping on my shoulder. “Le-Le, are you asleep?” asked the voice. I reached over onto the nightstand next to my bed and turned it on and sat up in the bed to find Stacey standing next to my bed. “What’s wrong Stacey?” I asked her as I reached for her hand and pulled her into the bed next to me. “I can’t sleep in that room. It’s too cold in there and plus that window will not stay closed. Can I sleep in here with you?” she said as she laid her head down on my lap. “Yes Stacey. You can sleep in here” I said as I reached for the lamp to turn it off. “Wait! Brianna and Robert wanna sleep in here too!” said Stacey. “Then why did you come in here by yourself then?” I asked her, getting mad that Brianna and Robert sent Stacey into my room by herself, knowing that La’ Keisha could’ve caught her. “They told me to come in here and wake you up and ask you could we sleep in here, then I was gunna go back and tell them that you said yeah” she said sitting up and rubbing her eyes. “But Stacey that doesn’t mean that you had to come in here by yourself knowing that I was gunna say yea anyway. So that was stupid to come in here by yourself and you know that. Don’t you?” I said, getting pissed off. “Yeah, I know” she said. I sighed and said, “Well let’s go and get them then”. “Ok” she said and we left out of the room. 

           As I walked down the hall with Stacey clutched tight to my side. I felt the cold air run pass my legs. I reached for the door knob and turned it until it opened. I put Stacey down and said, “Wait right here. I’ll be right back ok”. She nodded her head and I bent down and kissed her forehead and went to go and get Robert and Brianna. “Yall woke”? I asked them when I was inside of the room. “Yeah, we woke” said a voice from the darkness, which sounded like Brianna’s. “Come on and let’s go to bed” I said as I reached for them in the darkness. I don’t know why but I picked both of them up, forgetting how heavy they both are, and headed toward the door but as soon as we was almost out of the room I hit my toe against something on the floor. “AH SHIT!” I said as I sat down on the bed. “You ok?” asked another voice, who was Robert. “Yea, I’m fine” I said rubbing my toes, “Come on and let’s go to bed”.

 I picked them both up again and tried hard not to hit my toes again, but this time I tripped over my on foot and fell hard against the floor hitting my head on the wall and my body crushing against the hard floor. I covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream but the pain in my body was telling me too. “Be-Be, Rob, yall ok” I asked in a shaky voice. “Kind of” they both said together. I heard the door open to La’ Keisha’s room and I was not gunna let her put her hands on Be-Be, Rob, or Stacey. “Get up and run to my room. Right now”! I said trying to get up and help them both. “We can’t, it hurts!” they said together.          

“WHAT THE HELL WAZ THAT NOISE”! yelled La’ Keisha’s from in the hallway. I tried my best not to yell at them but I had to in order for them not to get caught being up out of bed. “Get up now”! I said almost yelling at them. “Here she comes” said Stacey at the door. Robert managed to get up and grabbed for Stacey’s hand pulling Be-Be by his other and they all ran to my room safely without La’ Keisha catching them. I was stuck lying in the floor with pain in my body. “ALESHIA, BITCH WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT NOISE! AND I KNOW YO MUTHFUCKIN’ ASS HEAR ME TALKIN’ TO YO DUMB ASS TOO”! ,yelled La’ Keisha as she walked down the hallway. “NONETHING” I yelled back. I was frozen on the floor when she walked in the room. “WHY THE FUCK YO ASS IN THIS GOTDAMN FLOOR AND I KNOW GOOD AND DAMN WELL YO RETARDED ASS DID NOT PUT NO FUCKIN’ HOLE IN MY GOTDAMN WALL”! I looked up at La’ Keisha and I could see her holding a black belt in her hand. “BITCH DON’T YOU HEAR ME TALKIN’ TO YOU”? “I fell, what it look like I did?” I said getting smart and irritated. “WHO THE FUCK YOU GETTING SMART WITH?” she asked. I tried my best to calm down and relax but she was getting on my nerves yelled and cussing me out like a dog and shit. “IF I ASK YOU ONE MO QUESTION AND YOU DON’T ANSWER THIS BELT IS GUNNA BE GOIN ACROSS YO AS… “Nobody” I said. “WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOIN’ IN HERE ANYWAY!” she said still yelling. “I wanna know why the fuck you still yelling and I’m lying right here in the floor” I said. I’m just playing I didn’t really say that but I was thinking it though.  The next thing I knew I was being dragged down the hall by my hair. “I TOLD YO ASS YOU HAD ONE MO TIME AND YO ASS DON’T ANSWER ME!” she said pulling my hair harder as she dragged me down the hall. “LET MY HAIR GO!” I screamed as I tried to grip my hair with my hands as La’ Keisha pulled it tighter. I looked back and saw Stacey, Be-Be, and Rob watching me as I was being dragged down the hallway. I saw tears in their little eyes as they watched me. I mouth the words, “go to bed” and that was the last time I saw my little brother and sisters’ before I was thrown down the stairs.

The End

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