Lost For Hope Part 1Mature


 My name is Aleshia Shantel Miles and this is my life. I have two sisters’ and one brother. I provide for them, well at least try too! I’m 16 years old. My two sisters’, Brianna and Stacey, are 7 and 6 and my brother, Robert, is 8. Our low-down ass momma name is La’ Keisha Olivia Miles and I love but hate her. She don’t give a damn about us either, just like we don’t give a damn about her, but it’s all cool and we still respect her like we supposed to do.   

I’ve never met my daddy or seen him in my life. La’ Keisha says “He’s dead and if he wasn’t dead he wouldn’t want a damn thang to do with my ass”, but I don’t give a fuck what La’ Keisha say, she can kiss my ass for saying that bullshit and really I wouldn’t care if I ever even seen my daddy so fuck him and fuck La’ Keisha’s ass. I have seen my sisters’ daddy. He’s rich and everything, but thanks to La’ Keisha they could’ve been with him but naw she had to go and fuck it up for them two and Robert’s daddy, well let’s just say he’s doing some hard time right now.

Sometimes I wish that my two sisters’ and brother didn’t have to go through the shit that La’ Keisha has put us through and they didn’t live this way, but hey everybody’s life ain’t what they expect it to be. And that’s a rap with my life and let’s gets down to the real business, the real story of how La’ Keisha really treats her kids.  

The End

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