lost dragon

A dragon that gets lost and needs help (early work)

On a planet that's completely upside down there was a burnt, dark cave in the sky. In the cave live two orphan dragons called greemo who was a green, fire breathing, strong but flightless male dragon and Saph; a sapphire blue, ice blast breathing, quick, smart and a good flyer bossy female dragon. 

The two dragons were playing happily until Greemo accidentally slipped and rolled out of the cave, but because he couldn't fly, he shut his eyes and went plunging down, down to his final fate (or so he thought).

Greemo thought he had been falling for years but in fact he had only been falling a small amount of time, but when he opened his eyes he didn't find himself dead, he discovered he was standing in an underwater city very much like Atlantis. Greemo swam for his life to the surface where he saw loads of floating houses; these were new to Greemo it wasn't long before he found out that these weird houses were called boats. Then as a shadow passed over him he looked up and saw DRAGONS loads of them flying around, an amazing site.However these dragons weren't dragons at all they were amphibian planes.

Then suddenly one of these planes swooped down on Greemo and scooped him and the water around him up in a bucket and was dropped in the bowels of a red hot blazing fire; now Greemo was really scared.

Greemo was surrounded by fire and was getting really scared when a blue thing came soaring down on him; six sharp claws hooked around Greemo and the blue thing took of and flew both of them to an unoccupied boat nearby, they had landed on the roof of the boat, after they had both landed Greemo finally saw who his saviour was: it was saph!

Saph explained to Greemo that when he had rolled out of the cave he had fallen into a time vortex and went into the future to the time when the world was underwater. Meanwhile back at the cave Saph was so worried that she started searching the whole planet for him, then by accident followed Greemo through the portal and found him. After Greemo understood what happened Saph taught him to fly and together they searched for the portal to fly home.

When the two dragons finally got home Saph decided to teach Greemo everything she knew and in return he taught her everything he knew.

The End

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