Lost Channel

"Man! That just sucks," Jared yelled as he slammed the refridgerator door shut and turned to glare at his Mother. "No one ever cares about what I think."

"That, young man, is enough," Helen snapped. She drew in a deep breath and let it out through clenched teeth while trying to bring her own temper under control. "Go up to your room until we've both calmed down and can talk like civilized human beings."

"Like that's ever going to happen," he snorted and grabbed up his school bag that lay carelessly on the floor. Flinging it over his shoulder he stormed from the room and up to his own personal domain. "You can all just move to the moon for all I care," Jared muttered to himself. "but I am staying here."  He hurled his bag into the corner of his room. It landed with a thud, knocking over his beloved guitar, but at that moment he didn't care.  Nothing mattered.  He didn't matter. His opinions didn't matter.  They were moving whether he liked it or not. He flopped onto his bed and hot, silent tears soaked into his pillow. 

Hours later Jared awoke to a darkened room.  He could hear the TV playing downstairs.  Glancing at his clock the bright green numbers told him it was 10:23pm.  Sighing, Jared turned back towards the ceiling.  He had known the annoucement  was coming.  Moving was part of what his family did every couple of years. They bought a place, moved in, fixed it up and sold it. The last couple of times had been in the same neighbourhood so he had become more casual about it and had made friends.  This time however;  they were moving to a whole new province. It wasn't just a house either, but an old Inn that it was in the middle of nowhere.  Some place called Lost Channel.  Even the name gave Jared the creeps. He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.  Maybe if he found out more about the place it would sit better with him.  He knew that was unlikely, but it was better than laying here feeling sorry for himself.  Getting up he flicked on his computer and watched it come to life.

The End

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