The Ultimate Warlord Ninja DemonMature

Eddie pulled off his hair...a wig...his real hair looked remarkably similar to his wig though.
"I've found you at last, The Ultimate Warlord Ninja Demon." declared Eddie.

The Ultimate Warlord Ninja Demon went to leg-sweep Eddie, but Eddie backflipped out of the way. This happened several times before The Ultimate Warlord Ninja Demon stood still and removed his shirt.

The Ultimate Warlord Ninja Demon twisted his lips.

"Cheung, your technique is not bad at all, heh. Where's your brother? I've come here to...challenge your brother to a dual with me, you bastard! Now, where is he?" he said whilst flexing his over-developed muscles.

Removing his shirt must've given The Ultimate Warlord Ninja Demon some super-human skills as he then unleashed a furious attack that left Eddie on the floor.

Eddie was back in his house with the rest. Rockhead Rumple was stoned.

"Let's get some sleep, it's been a weird night." said Eddie.
"Yeah" said everyone.

They slept.
They all died of pneumonia in their sleep.
Except Eddie.

He died of alcoholism and infected disarray.

The End

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