Brothers in HarmsMature

Eddie and his gang had decided to go to the Town Hall to see if they can have rights for creatures of the night.

"No." said the Mayor.

"Bollocking fuck shits!" said Charles.
"Let's take it up with a higher power!" said Tyrone.
"Yeah, let's tell God!" said Charles.

So, Eddie and Charles turn into vampire bats and fly up to Heaven while carrying Tyrone and Godfrey.

When they arrive in Heaven, they see St. Peter, who won't let them in because they're not actually dead, just undead.

"Let us in, motherfucker!" said Tyrone.
"Fuck off you cuntbag!" said St. Peter.

Tyrone attacked St. Peter with a mach punch.

"That's him dealt with, yo, Charles, pick the lock on that gate!" Tyrone ordered.
"Okay, man!" replied Charles.

Charles picked the lock on the pearly gates.

"Let's go find God!" said Eddie.

So they all walked around heaving, looking for God. It took a while because no one actually knew what God looked like.
They eventually found him, it turns out that God is in fact, Jimi Hendrix.

"Yo, God! Me and my friends here are creatures such as vampires, werewolves and zombies. We need rights so people stop treating us so badly!" said Eddie.
"I'm not human either, my brothers!" said God "do you think a human can play guitar like this?".

God then pulls out a guitar and plays the best solo in the world with his tongue and feet.

"Holy shit, dawg! That's the shit!" said Tyrone.

So everyone had rights in the end.

They all went back to earth.

Charles died for seemingly no apparent reason.

On earth they had a big party and killed seventeen thousand people to make a point.
They hired Rockhead Rumple to take Charles' place in the gang.

They all had a party at Steve's house before going to fight the Ninja guy who's going to show up in the next chapter.

The End

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