Batman and RobbingMature

"Why is Tyrone treating us like this? Doesn't he know about diversity? He, of all people, should know!" said Charles while climbing through the window of 3 Petalway Drive.
"I don't know, maybe he just needs must be hard for him, y'know, it hit him like a ton of bricks." said Eddie, helping Charles through.
"I wish people would start treating us like actual people, we need to fight for our rights, man." Charles replied.
Godfrey turned into a werewolf and agreed.

They were all in the house and saw a couch, although it was not shitty. They decided not to take it. They took the TV instead. It was big.

Godfrey fell over and stood back up.

Eddie and Charles turned into bats and flew out of the window and off into the distance.

"Fuck-fuckity-fuck-fuck" yelled Godfrey.

He ran the fuck out of there with the TV.

Back at Eddie's place they all congregated in front of the newly acquired TV.

"My, what a fine piece of technology. I can see the hairs on that guy's eyeball. It's great quality." admired Godfrey.
"Let's go see Tyrone" said Eddie.

They all went to Tyrone's, knocked on his door, they all went in and discussed everything. They sorted out all of their problems and stuff.

And then Tyrone was a zombie.

The End

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