Night of the Theiving DeadMature

Eddie, Godfrey and Charles were back at Eddie's house, which was a shit tip.
They were all sat down on a shitty couch, it was shit.

"Shit," said Eddie, "this couch is shit!".
"I concur, it is in fact...shit." agreed Godfrey.
"Ah well, it's my shitty couch..." said Eddie.
"This isn't about your shitty couch, Eddie, is it?" asked Charles.
"No, it's got shit all to do with my shitty couch. It's Tyrone." Eddie replied.

Eddie did not have to say that, everyone all knew it was about Tyrone and not his shitty couch.

"Yeah, don't worry about Tryone, he'll come to his senses eventually. The important thing is that we're here with you, and that you're alright. It's a shame we had to kill that guy for his blood on the way, but it was for a good cause. Shitty couch." explained Charles.

Charles was a tall guy, so tall that he looked silly on the shitty couch, but he knew what he was talking about.

"Yeah, you're right. We should get off this shitty couch and do what we always used to do." proclaimed Eddie.
"Yeah, man, I'm with you all the way, shitty couch!" said Charles.
"Did you just call me shitty couch?" asked Eddie.
"Haha, I think he did call you shitty couch!" laughed Godfrey.
"Haha, I actually did call you shitty couch, that's weird, man!" Charles laughed along.
"Haha. Let's go steal another shitty couch. Let's go rob another house." said Eddie.
"Yeah, there is another shitty couch in this neighbourhood that we want." agreed Charles.
"Affirmative, this cannot be the only shitty couch in this neighbourhood!" said Godfrey.

So they all rose from the shitty couch, except Godfrey who was on an equally shitty armchair. Then they all high-fived eachother and yelled "Team!".

Shitty couch.

The End

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