Find Another Way Into the CaveMature

Tyrone narrowed his eyes at the entrance to the cave suspiciously. It seemed too obvious, somehow - but he still needed to get inside to get the lazarus gun.

'Ain't going nowhere where there's mother fucking Vampies lurkin'!' he grumbled determinedly before stumbling away from the cave to walk around it.

'Jus' walk around it, won't I? Eddie won't expect that shit!' he giggled sneakily to himself.

Just then, he had a Vision.

'WTF?!' he growled as a dude with a long bushy beard and white robes spun out of nowhere to stand in before him, his hands folded in front of him.

'Who the fuck are you?' Tyrone asked him.

So the bearded dude started to explain who he was.

'I will start to explain who I am.' said the bearded dude.

And then he explained that he was Lazarus, some bloke from the Bible who died and some other bloke named Jesus brought him back from the dead.

'I am Lazarus, some bloke from the Bible who died and some other bloke named Jesus brought me back from the dead.' he explained to Tyrone, who listened patiently, with a deranged look on his face.


Tyrone knocked the mother fuckers head off with his fist.

'I just knocked that mother fuckers head off with my fist.' he giggled.

He continued walking around the cave for days, until he finally stumbled to an entrance to the cave.

'That's the shit I'm talking about!' he cheered, slapping himself on the back.

Just as he was about to enter the cave, he spotted somebody lying on the ground just feet from him.

'Thats that mother fucking Vampie dude!' he gasped, holding his hand in front of his mouth and then shrieking like a little girl.

'He must've found th' Lazarus gun!' he exclaimed. 'But looks like some other fucker's finished 'im off, again.'

Tyrone still needed to find the Lazarus gun, which apparently was in the cave, to bring his main buddies, Eddie (who, by happy coincidence, was also a vampire) and a load of other fuckers Tyrone didn't remember the names of - only now he was shit scared.

Does Tyrone:

The End

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