Lost Boyz N The HoodMature

Eddie has a secret to share with the rest of his gang, but will this little admission tear apart these hard-headed gangstas who have been friends since primary school?

Eddie had been shot. Blood had seeped onto his Lakers jersey. The fact that the bullet came from a Clippers fan added insult to injury.

"Motherfucker," proclaimed Eddie, "Nigga stole my bike!"
"You've got a lot more than your dual-wheeled riding contraption to worry about, Edward." Godfrey insisted.
"Yeah, man, your mom's pregnant with my child!" joked Tyrone.

Eddie scrunched up his face in pain. He was not impressed with Tyrone's inappropriately-timed humour.

"Fuck you, nigga, I'm hurt real bad and shit!" argued Eddie.
"We better take you to a motherfuckin' hospital, negro!" stated Charles whilst reaching for his car keys.
"Nah, man...I can't go to no hospital...the cops will get me, I'm still wanted, remember?" Eddie rebuttaled.

Charles placed his keys back in his zoot trousers' pocket.

"Yeah...you're right, man...is there anything we can do?" asked Tyrone.
"I need blood...just blood" Eddie requested.
"Yeah, makes sense, you're losing a lot of the stuff." replied Godfrey.
"It's not just that, I have something to tell y'all niggas" said Eddie.
"What's up, man? You know you can tell us anything?" assured Charles.
"I'm...I'm a motherfucking vampire, y'all." confessed Eddie.
"Get the fuck out of here! So am I, nigga!" said Charles.

Eddie's eyes lit up, he stared into Charles' dark brown eyes and saw that he was speaking the truth. He smiled in a friendly way.

"Huh? Fuck y'all niggas, I ain't down with no vampires and shit, y'all be eatin' my brains and howlin' at the goddamn moon and shit!" yelled Tyrone.
"Incorrect, it is in fact zombies that devour the human brain and werewolves that howl at said moon. Vampires feed on human blood to survive." said Godfrey.
"I ain't give a goddamn shit! No vampire be suckin' on my neck and drinkin' my motherfucking blood!" Tyrone told the rest.
"Well, I'm impressed with my vampiric buddies and do not mind remaining friends with them at all. I think it is uber-cool that my acquaintances are creatures of the night. I, myself, am one of the moon-howling human-canine hybrids which you so cleary stated your disapproval of." admitted Godfrey.

Tryone looked on in disbelief. He looked at each one of his friends in turn, he felt betrayed.
A life of stealing, fighting and gang-banging with his three friends, who he called family, and now this. Vampires and werewolves. How could he forgive them?

"Fuck y'all niggas, I'm out of here. Y'all better not be vampires and shit when I get back or y'all motherfuckers be dead! Ya heard? DEAD!" yelled Tyrone.

Those were his departing words.
The others watched him walk into the distance.

The man in black fled across the urban desert and nobody followed.

The End

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