I.III: Definition

Throwing his cigarette down to the ground, Reed tried to patiently listen to the people sitting in front of him.

The Lost Boys gathered around their frustrated leader, all anxious to hear of his decision regarding the scavenger. Harley pushed her way to the front. The other kids came to a hushed conclusion that it was probably best to let her speak, as the oldest, and as the one who had successfully captured the prisoner, Uno, who was now tied to the back bumper of the bus.

'Reed, what good will this do? Holding him as a prisoner will only aggravate him, if he's even dangerous,' Harley puffed as she stormed toward her leader.

A few of the other kids seemed to nod in agreement, and as Reed looked up, they suddenly halted, trying to look as though they would support him whatever he decided to do.

Reed paused, trying to weigh up his options. Releasing a scavenger could have terrible consequences, and the Lost Boys' secrecy would perhaps be at risk. But keeping him here, tied up to a bus which was soon to be abandoned once more, Reed found inhumane. In a time such as this, where the Blast destroyed any ounce of humanity, it was known that people needed to retain as many of their instincts as possible. Reed was no exception.

'We can't let him go now. He's a liability,' Reed publicly renounced that possibility.

'So what? We're not going to kill him, are we?' A voice piped up from the crowd. A small boy was suddenly pushed forward. Obviously the source of the argument, and obviously a spokesperson for the rest of the group.

'So, what should we do, Fergus? I'm not going to kill him, no,' Reed said, again ruling out another possibility, 'but what do you think we should do?!'

Reed was becoming agitated. He was expected to make decisions, as a leader, and as a friend, but when he couldn't make the right one, he felt as though he was wrong for this position.

Fergus remained silent, just looking at Reed through his big black eyes. His face was dirty, and it seemed to represent all the Lost Boys. Lost children, without families, and without homes. Together was all they had.

'It's a decision we all need to make together,' Harley announced, as if she was reading Reed's mind.

'I want to talk to the scavenger.'

'Reed, he won't talk,' another voice, belonging to an older boy. 'We've already tried, and all we got was a name.'

'Where's his bag?' Reed asked. 'He had a bag, I want to see what's in it. Bring him here, and bring me his bag.'


'I need to talk to Uno one more time.'

The End

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