I.II: Uno

A dull ringing in his ears. Sound seemed to be the only sense that was functioning correctly. There was no chance of seeing anything at the moment - somebody had blindfolded him.

Small footsteps, trying to be quiet, surrounded him. His heart was thumping, and as he came to the realisation that he was now a prisoner, his heart rate quickened and small beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

The footsteps grew closer and louder, and then stopped abruptly. There was heat against his face, and a distinct smell... Cigarette. It had been some time since he had seen anybody smoking. Whoever had him now was certainly high in the chain of command. Either that, or they were a better scavenger than he himself.

'So, you're a scavenger?' The first voice he had heard in some time.

He didn't dare answer. The voice seemed threatening. The kind of person who would kill a prisoner whether or not they provided their captive with the appropriate information.

'I asked you a question, are you a scavenger?' The stranger seemed to be growing stressed. 'How did you know where to find us? Were you followed?'

He still didn't want to answer his captor. He sensed desperation, but that typically made situations more dangerous.

A sudden light was seared into his eyes as he realised that the blindfold had been torn from his face. Squinting, he tried to let his eyes adjust, but there was a light been shone directly into his face.

The only break in the light was when the interrogator, supposedly the leader of this band of at least two, as far as could be seen, thrust his face forward, allowing a small amount of smoke to drift past his captive's nose, almost teasing him.

'What's your name?!' The captor shouted. He was getting anxious. The levels of stress had increased, but the anger seemed gone. The stress may have been caused by fear.

He felt it was best to answer at this point, but he couldn't find the words. Couldn't even think of his own name under this pressure.

'Br... B-B-B... Ru... Uno... U-U-Uno...'

There was a pause, and the captor took a step back, taking a look around him, probably making eye contact with his assistants, or whatever they wished to be referred to as. The light blasted into his face once more.


He held his hands to his face, trying to block the light out, but parting his fingers slightly so that he could see the face of the person who was questioning him.

'Yeah... Uno.' He lied. It was easier that way.

The End

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