I.I: Scavenger

Reed had been worried about this spot for some time now. Harley's find had only heightened his concerns.

Consulting his map, he surveyed the area for any gang hideouts that the Lost Boys or himself had come across, but there were none for several blocks. Reed knew full well that gangs never left their hangouts. Their only real agenda was to survive and protect their area. Granted, they used considerable force where necessary, and sometimes just for fun, but they weren't stupid. They knew they weren't the biggest fish in the ocean.

Ruling out the possibility of gang-on-gang espionage, Reed turned his attention to the second and more dangerous threat that could potentially harm the group in their delicate position. Slavers.

Within weeks of the Blast, democracy had been torn apart, and people were fighting their way to the top of the food chain. It was kill or be killed. Reed knew it had always been like that, even in the 'civilised' world, but the Blast just brought it out in people. Their aggression, coupled with their desperation to survive meant that anybody who crossed anybody else was destined for a bullet in the back.

The people who had scrambled their way to the top of the heirachy were now growing more and more powerful, as people accepted that allegiance was something that offered considerable protection. Slavery had been born. It started as voluntary, simply mundane tasks, as far as Reed knew, but now people wouldn't stop until they had enough slaves to do anything they wanted to.

Reed and his group had fallen prey to slavers once before, and had heard whispers of more in the area, tales of people snatched in the night, especially children. All of these stories, and Reed's own experience, involved large and overpowering groups of ruthless villains. This was certainly not like that. That ruled out slavers.

Gangs were out of the question, as were slavers. That left only one possible class that this intruder fell into. Scavenger.

The End

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