lost boys at sea. (working on name)

basic start to my story. its how they got to where they are now. enjoy, looking forwerd to colabs/ advice.

the boys had always been together. and they hoped they always would be. you see, they were more then friends, they were like brothers. they grew up together, learned together and fought together. they made a pact, that they would die together. juan was the eldest of the boys, and so took rank as the leader of this small band of men. the older men of the small village of  saw-doyle mocked juan, for no animals could stand to be near him. wolves howl at him, bulls charged at him, he never needed animals for company. his pack of friends was the biggest, strongest and fastest of all in the town.

one hot summers day, the lost boys were unable to pass any time no matter what they did. they were bored out of they minds and there was only so many stones to skim, and then late into the after noon, sitting together on a wall looking down onto the village, "boys look!" jake and jack, the only brothers in the groups exclamed together, standing and pointing the the center of the mass of huts and buildings to the largest of them all, "over there, smoke! the elders must be meeting, let go and see what on the agender today. i've not heard anything in the gossip" juan stood and faced the brothers with a stern look on his face, "you know the rules, no one can intrude on there meeting, my dad would know its us and we' all be strung up by are balls". the five who had been silent untill this time, looked around at themselves and there three friends, jacob, who was second in command after juan stood and joined the boys, "we have nothing else to do here juan. we might as well go, whats the worse that can happen?" 

juan hated to say it but knew his friend was right, "ok lads, lets go" they all stood up, and with a cocky look in his eyes jacob led the way down the hill, kicking up dust as he went.when they got to the building they saw  a guard was by the door "we cant get in, it must be importent, lets go up and see what there talking about that no one can hear" lifting themselves onto the roof using a pile of staw at the back, they slid along the smooth metal on there fronts to the center of the roof and poked there heads over the little hole into the room below, it was dark and deep with only the fire in the middle for any light. the elders were in there deep round seats, hudled around a small smoke less fire to keep the cold away from there old bones. there voice's, faint with age, were only just audiable.  "we must prepear our men! the thunder will be here soon" said juan's father, vinci, the oldest, and wisest of all in the village, "we have to leave now" came a voice in the group of jooded men. "rubbish, we must stay and fight, let the thugs try and take us, they will never win" vinci said standing up and facing the elders, just like his son.

the next few moments were a blur for juan, "why would we be attacked? we have nothing of valaue. " whisperd jacob. alex, the youngest of the boys, rolled onto his back and let out a faint murmer, as he moved the long blonde, braided hair from under himself, a strand of beads came loose and fell from him, onto the elders below."run" "guards!!" "go, before they get us" "juan! you boys are in trouble"  with gasp's and yells for guards behind them, the band of friends ran into the jungle scatering into there homes on the way, grabbing bows and arrows, with knives already at there sides. if there gone for the night, might as well hunt. 

with heavy breathing from running the boys climbed trees and waited on the branch's, with bow and knives ready to get themselves a meal for the long night ahead. juan was the first to catch a boar, he shot it down and slit its throat, together with gill carried it back to there camp, it was a beautiful cave under a water fall with a small bay of white sand and jumping fich carried down from the mountens, when the boar had been skinned and cooked the boys sat together eating and joking.  alex was sat in a mood at the back, upset with selfself for cuasing the fleeing when he went oout for fresh air, he looked up and gasped. pointing towerds the sky he yelled "smoke!! the camps under attack, just like the elders said. we have to go, now!" the boys rran outside to join him "hes right, juan, we have to go" they gatherd there wepons and armour, although made of bark and bones from animals they had killed on trips out, and at the tender ages of between seventeen and twenty, they were going to fight for there homes.

by the time they arrived there was smoke everywhere and it was almost over, bodies lay across the round, pools of blood everywhere, juan and jacob, the largest of all, grabbed real wepons from the corpses of enamys around them, they ran with no words to group of bandits that where there, they spread out and charged towards the men. they got there to late, only a few men were fighting, they were as good as dead, juan let out a yell and charged into the middle! he swung like a mad man, with the power of rage and loss transformed into sheer might, like the gods had taken over his body. the others were close behind, arrows flying through the air like lightning, into the heads and body of the bandits around there friends, when the enemy knew what was going on many were gone. there friends fought to the end with the last of there strength, they were in a cornor with batterd armour and dented wepons, but they were like lions, fighting to the bitter end, agenst men almost twice there size. it was to late, the lost boys were now with no homes left, and it made them madder then ever.

juan was now surounded and didn't care anymore. he swung for the head, always hitting his mark. bodies piled around him. as another body fell before him he turned, a figure in black stood before him, staff in hand raised above his head, he brought it down upon juans head. he went down, he was in pain, as his vision blurred he saw the men around him close in, but with fainted scream getting closer, and some of them falling around himself, they ran away. his friends were around him now, he was safe, he fell unconious.

when juan woke up, it was sunrise, he didn't know if he was down all night, or for many days. but almost as if he wonderd it aloud, jacob's voice called out behind him, "you've been out for three days. welcome to your new home." juans vision came back in a matter of seconds, he was in a cave, his cave, there seceret cave, slowerly he rose to his feet, his arm was in a rag sling, jacob came into view with only a ragged and blood stained shirt from the fight, juan looked and his tired and bruised friend and saw he only had one sleave, looking at his own arm he sa the colours matched, " your sleave jacob?" moving his arm slightly, "yeah, how you feeling?" jacob replied with a faint smile, rest his arm on his friends shoulder "im good thanks, what happend?", "when you went down we cleared a path to your side, gill carried you here, alex was hit badly as he stayed so he could get away, he lost his leg, he has a stick and needs a new leg when we can get in to town..." "were leaving?!?" interupted juan. "we cant, its safe here" jacob held his friend steady looked deep into his eyes, with a calm voice he said softly "we have to go, and soon. trust me friend, when have i let you down before?" juan knew he was right, and nodded. when they had packed there wepons and clothes together, took one last drink from the water fall, and said there good byes to what had been a second home to them all for years. "come on guys, lets go" jacob called out ahead of them all. and so they left, with heavy hearts and not a single other word spoken they left for the new world they were heading for, with no idea what was going to happen in the next few months.

The End

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