Rising from the ashes of a boy who not moments ago attempted the unthinkable was a bony figure, a cloud of humiliation, and a slight sence of self loathing covered it. One would not expect this to tt be the emotional makeup of a boy who had just done what he had done. But what came next was as unexpected as what would happen after it, a fancy way of saying the immediate future events are more exciting than the distant future. He stood up, dusted his self off, looked in the mirror, puberty barely took hold of the boy, his voice had just deepend, although not apparent in the mirror, and his new hair was not fully grown in yet. He ventured outside the bathroom, and looked at the clock, he must have passed out, it was five hours after the fall. There was a note taped to the banister, "Carl, gone out, see you in three days". The boy; Carl, walked around the house, no clothes, why bother? Then he discovered...

The End

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